Nikki Bella Uses Retirement To Sell Mattresses

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Nikki Bella was forced to retire after a brain cyst was revealed. That being said, we’ll never know what a Bella Twins and IIconics feud would have been like.

Nikki is staying busy in her retirement. She is focusing on many projects and she’s also endorsing products. Bella recently used her retirement situation to plug some mattresses and we have to give whoever came up with this kudos for their creativity.

Officially in retirement and feeling more rested than ever thanks to my sealy mattress from @Wayfair! My Sealy mattress has helped my body recover from years of wrestling and I’m realizing just how important it is to have a good, quality mattress for my body and mind.

We’ll have to see if Nikki Bella ever returns to WWE television for a regular role down the line. She is still contracted with the company, but Bella seems to be having a blast sleeping in her comfy Sealy mattress that she apparently bought at Wayfair.

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