Corey Graves has come under fire recently courtesy of the controversy between himself and Mauro Ranallo. Regardless of what you think of him as a person, it’s safe to say that Graves has had his fair share of personal attacks ever since those tweets were first sent.

Throughout the entire year Corey has been viewed as a divisive figure, and while most of that has been a result of what’s happened off camera, not everyone is a huge fan of his commentary style and would much rather see him tone it down a little bit.

Either way, it’s always good to have a moment of self reflection, which is exactly what he’s done in the following tweet from the day of Thanksgiving.

The comments section has insisted on going after Graves until they get an apology that they deem to be worthy, with his comments reportedly leading to Mauro Ranallo having some renewed struggles with his own mental health.


This is an issue which also occurred during Ranallo’s tenure with JBL on commentary, with Layfield reportedly not being overwhelmingly pleasant to his fellow commentator.

Ranallo is well known for being one of the most acclaimed commentators in all of combat sports, whereas JBL is probably best known for his attitude outside of the ring as opposed to anything he did in it – and that includes his WWE Championship run.

For now, in regards to Graves, it certainly seems as if this controversy is far from over as we all attempt to find a conclusion to this mess.

Harry Kettle

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