Trish Stratus Teases Another Championship Run In WWE

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Trish Stratus understands rivalries in the locker room because competition is a part of the game. It seems like she could be down to come back and add to her stats as well.

During WWE The Bump, Trish Stratus appeared on the show. She commented on The New Day’s big seventh championship reign in WWE.

Stratus has seven WWE Women’s Titles under her belt, so the New Day have matched her. If they get to an eighth reign, the story will change. Then she commented that if they can do it, then so can she.

So, @trishstratuscom just said that if #TheNewDay ever has an 8th championship reign… she’ll want one, too.

There are a lot of women on WWE’s current roster that Stratus didn’t get to wrestle with. The idea of The Man vs Stratusfaction is also an interesting idea, but she could always challenge for Bayley’s title.

Stratus might have been joking, but you also never know if she would be open to it if given the opportunity. Trish Stratus is likely going to stay retired after her big match against Charlotte Flair, but it’s a really fun thought to consider.

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