Aubrey Edwards On If She Wants To Wrestle In AEW

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Aubrey Edwards might be better known as “AEW’s female referee.” She also answers to Gearl Hebner. One thing she won’t be doing any time soon is locking up in the ring.

Edwards works out all the time and found herself in a great gym before Dynamite. She detailed her intense workout for fans that was quite extensive.

This hotel gym is baller

•3 sets each group•
Incline dumbell press
Dumbell curls
Skull crushers

Bar dips w/ forward lean
Hammer curls
Tricep pulldowns

High-to-low cable crossovers
Zottman curls
Chair dips

Split up each group with a 5 minute interval run

One fan asked Edwards if she was preparing for a match in the ring. Aubrey Edwards replied back saying that she has no plans to wrestle. Keeping up with AEW stars takes a lot of working out to prepare for her job as a referee.

No intention of ever wrestling. I train this hard so I can keep up with the wrestlers though!

Aubrey Edwards might not be wrestling, but she still gets plenty of time to shine in AEW. How hard she works out only proves her dedication to stay at the top of her game.

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