Welcome to Ringside News’ live coverage of AEW Dynamite for November 27th.

We have a stacked episode of Dynamite tonight, with the AEW Champion, Christ Jericho, putting his title on the line against Scorpio Sky. Two weeks ago Scorpio pinned Le Champion in a tag team match, then last week he tricked into agreeing to the match tonight. This has all the makings of a fantastic showdown, however it seems unlikely we’ll get a clean finish for what could be an exciting new feud. And that’s after Jericho’s big Thanksgiving bash where he finally gets his thank you, which should be a blast.

Elsewhere tonight, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page faces MJF for a diamond ring. Last week the two of them were the last two standing in the Dynamite Dozen battle royale, leading to this showdown tonight. Cody says the AEW ring costs more than that of a Superbowl ring, and DDP will award the winner with it tonight. Truth be told, I don’t care for the ring gimmick, it seems like a really pointless idea instead of just introducing a mid-card title, but hey, MJF is sure to win and gloat about it forever and that’s fine by me.

Also tonight, Cody will have a match and make a statement of some kind, and that’s about all we know. There’s sure to be more developments with The Young Bucks/Santana & Ortiz, and perhaps more about Kenny Omega’s return. So remember to follow along on the Ringside News app, Instagram, and on Twitter. Enjoy the show!


AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite opens with Chris Jericho and Soul Train coming to the ring for the big Thanksgiving celebration – not unlike the Festival of Friendship – and flanked by a marching band.

The Chicago fans chant “thank you” but Jericho tells them to shut-up. He says he doesn’t need them messing-up his big event, and he doesn’t want their thank you, it’s AEW he needs to thank him. He mentions that some people in the crowd have cards under their table for 50 cents off a Le Champion t-shirt.

Jericho says that, after months of research and investigation, they found the greatest tasting grapes on the mountains of Nepal and crafted A Little Bit of The Bubbly champagne. You can buy the champagne, for real, at ALittleBitofTheBubbly.com. Jericho and Soul Train drink some of the champagne before Y2J introduces his best friends, The Inner Circle.

Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz come to the ring and Sammy calls Jericho his father figure. He says they have a lot of great stuff planned for Jericho but his is particularly special. He says a picture is worth a thousand words but this one is priceless, and he unveils a cardboard cut-out of the two of them hugging. Jericho loves it. Santana & Ortiz bring a gift basket with flu medicine, a 40oz, flip-flops, and more. Ortiz says the flip-flops can double as a weapon as all Spanish mothers know. Jericho asks where Jake Hager is but they don’t know.

A minute later, Hager comes out from the back with a goat on a leash. Hager says its name is Chris Jerigoat and the fans chant the name. Y2J turns his attention to the giant box in the ring wrapped in his face. Santana & Ortiz lift the box up and reveal Chris Jericho’s father underneath. Jericho hugs his dad, who is wearing a NY Rangers jersey because he used to play for them. His dad says he’s happy to be back in New York and the fans boo. Jericho says they’re in Chicago and his dad says he used to play for the Rangers and they beat the Blackhawks over and over. He says the Blackhawks are wimps. Jericho’s dad says he has gifts for all of The Inner Circle; personalised Rangers jerseys and the fans boo as they take them out of a bag.

Jericho gets down to business with a thank you letter from AEW brass. He opens the letter and brings Justin Roberts into the ring to read the letter. The fans chant “you can’t read”. Jericho asks where he’s from and Roberts says right down the road, went to High School near the arena. Jericho says his high school sucked.

Roberts reads the letter that says AEW wishes Jericho its sincerest gratitude. He has helped make AEW into the most-talked about wrestling league in the world. Chris Jericho exemplifies the kind of leader and wrestler they want on the roster, and they are proud to have him as Le Champion. Jericho says that was a nice letter but he didn’t like the way Roberts read it. He says he thinks he’s better than them because he’s from down the street. Jericho slaps Roberts, then they all gang-up on him. During the beating, three of the marching band run down and attack The Inner Circle and it turns out to be Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. They clear the ring and The Inner Circle retreat.

Later tonight, Scorpio takes-on Jericho for the AEW Championship, Kenny Omega faces PAC, MJF battles Hangman Page for the diamond ring, and Cody returns.

Best Friends make their way to the ring but before they get that far, Lucha Bros attack them from behind! Trent and Chuck reverse whips into the barricade, then Orange Cassidy jumps onto them from the top rope to ringside!

Best Friends w/orange cassidy Vs. Lucha Bros

Chuck and Trent send Pentagon and Fenix into the ring to officially start the match. They put the Lucha’s into corners and hit them with several running attacks, then hug.

The Lucha Bros make something of a comeback as Fenix slams Trent, then distracts the referee to allow Pentagon to knock Chuck from the apron with a superkick. Fenix tags Pentagon, who hits a rolling wheelbarrow splash for a two-count.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Fenix is beating on Trent. He lifts Trent for a powerbomb and Pentagon kicks Trent in the back while tagging in. Pentagon drops Trent, then poses in the ring before looking for underhooks but Trent escapes and tags Chuck.

Chuck drops Pentagon and Fenix runs in but he drops him too. Chuck puts a single leg Boston crab on Pentagon but Fenix kips-up and superkicks him. Chuck knocks Pentagon in the bottom of the corner then monkey flips Fenix into him. Both Lucha’s roll outside and Chuck dives out onto them. Trent looks to do the same but Fenix slides in and superkicks him, then Pentagon comes in and hits a Canadian Destroyer for a near-fall.

Orange Cassidy gets onto the apron taunts Pentagon, allowing Trent to hit a roll-up for a near-fall. Fenix tags in and hits a springboard spin kick to Trent in the corner. Pentagon talks trash to Cassidy but Chuck dives off the apron and onto him. Fenix looks to follow-up but Trent hits a hurricanrana roll-up and scores a pinfall!

Winners: Best Friends

We see the Women’s Division Rankins, with Hikaru Shida at number one and Britt Baker at two.

Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura Vs. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

The match opens with Priestly and Sakura running and attacking the babyfaces. Statlander knocks them both from the ring, then hits a moonsault onto Bea from the apron.

Statlander tags Shida, who heads out of the ring and grabs a chair. Shida sets-up a chair at ringside but Sakura sits on it. Shida shoves her off and jumps off of it with a flying knee to Sakura. Bea Priestly then slams Shida into the barricade and takes control as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break Sakura tries to use her Freddy Mercury mic stand but the referee pulls it away and Shida gets her in a sleeper. Priestley tags herself in and chokes Shida in the corner with her boot. Priestley heads to the top rope and leaps but nobody’s home. Shida hangs Priestley up in the tree of woe, then suplexes Sakura into Priestley in the corner.

Shida tries to make a tag but Priestley attacks her from behind. Shida hits Priestley with an enziguiri but Priestley responds with a German suplex. Priestley eats a swith knee from Shida and both women go down. Statlander and Sakura both tag in. Statlander bridges under a clothesline attempt from Sakura and then hits a lariat of her own.

Statlander hits the Danny Hodge Special and gets a near-fall on Sakura. Statlander goes for a scoop slam but Emi counters with an overdrive. Sakura connects with a body splash in the corner on Statlander, then Priestley dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp to the back! Sakura hits a butterfly backbraker on Statlander for a near-fall.

Sakura climbs to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but Statlander moves and in comes Shida with a running knee followed by another knee from Statlander. Statlander hits an electric chair drop followed by a scissor’s kick for a near-fall.

Statlander hits a Michinoku Driver but Priestley breaks up the pinfall attempt. Priestley hits a backdrop driver and Sakura hits her with the cane from behind as the referee was distracted. Sakura rolls her up for the pin and holds on for upwards of 10 seconds.

Winners: Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura

We get a backstage promo from Jon Moxley who likens himself to a wildfire burning across the country. He says he will eventually get everyone, so he’s wondering if there’s anyone willing to take him on. Anyone who has a deathwish and is willing to be a hero or get hurt trying.

*Commercial Break*

Cody makes his entrance for a match against AEW newcomer, Matt Knicks. Cody is wearing his weightlifting belt but has taped wrapped around his ribs.

Cody Vs. Matt Knicks

The bell rings and they lock-up. Cody takes Knicks down but the jobber hits the ribs of Cody.

Cody uppercuts Knicks, then hits a springboard cutter. Cody takes off the weightlifting belt and throws it into the crowd. Cody applies a Figure Four and Knicks taps.

Winner: Cody

Cody cuts a promo after the match and tells MJF that he wants him to come out and fight. As Cody is staring at the ramp, a hole appears in the ring and out steps The Blade – to which JR fittingly asks, “Who?” – followed by The Butcher. They hit Cody with a suplex/backbreaker move before out steps The Bunny, Allie. That created the equivalent of a wet fart with the Chicago crowd.

*Commercial Break*

PAC Vs. Kenny Omega

The match begins and their’s a feeling-out process with Kenny and PAC engaging in lock-ups, as well as leap-frogs and such. Omega rolls under PAC and hits a facebuster but PAC handsprings out of it. Kenny wastes no time though and quickly grabs him for a snap dragon suplex. Kenny knocks PAC from the ring and hits a plancha to the outside.

Kenny wastes a lot of time getting back into the ring and PAC dropkicks him from the apron. PAC puts Omega back inside and leaps over him. Omega hits another snap dragon suplex and again PAC rolls to the apron. Kenny tries to German suplex PAC from the apron but he holds the ropes. Kenny batters his back with forearms but PAC elbows him back and heads to the top for a moonsault to Kenny on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We return and Kenny is exchanging shots with PAC. The announcers mention that everybody will be banned from ringside during the AEW Championship main event. Kenny teeps PAC into the corner, then drops him with axe handles.

PAC whips Omega into the buckles, then kicks him with a switch kick. Omega comes running out but eats a superkick, then Kenny hits a bicycle knee. PAC fires back with a big lariat and Omega flips inside out. Both men slowly get to their feet and PAC takes Kenny to the top rope for an avalanche falcon arrow and a near-fall.

PAC goes back up top for a Black Arrow but Omega moves. A V-Trigger from Omega, then looks for the One-Winged Angel but PAC escapes. They exchange roll-ups until Kenny scores a three-count.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Maxwell Jacob Friedman comes to the ring, with Wardlow in tow, for the opportunity to win the first ever AEW diamond ring. His opponent, Adam Page, is out second. DDP will be out after this match to crown the winner with their brand new ring.

“Hangman” Adam Page Vs. MJF W/Wardlow

Winner Gets The Dynamite Diamond rING

Page comes out the gate with right hands to MJF, who rolls from the ring. Page looks to dive over the ropes but Wardlow steps in front of MJF. Page leaves the ring and throws MJF into the barricade, then over it and into the crowd. Page goes over the barricade and throws MJF back onto the floor at ringside. Page gets MJF back in the ring and stares at Wardlow as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see MJF get hit with a fallaway slam from Page. Hangman then clotheslines him to the floor before hitting a suicide dive to MJF on the floor. Page heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault to MJF on the floor! “Cowboy $hit” from the fans.

Page sends MJF back into the ring and sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but MJF pulls the referee in front to stop Page. MJF pokes Page in the eyes out of the referee’s view, but then eats a spinning clothesline from Page for a near-fall. Page eats a boot to the face from MJF and then MJF goes for the Heatseeker on the apron but Page fights him off.

Page hits the Buckshot Lariat and turns MJF inside out. He goes for the pinfall but Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the apron! Page eats a right hand from Wardlow as MJF distracted the referee. MJF follows-up with the CrossRhodes and gets the pin.

Winner: MJF

Diamond Dallas Page comes out after the match to present MJF with the Dynamite Diamond. DDP introduces himself to the crowd and earns a chant. He opens the ring box and hands it to MJF, who puts it on his pinky and kisses it.

DDP says that some of MJF’s actions have been very disappointing to him. But tonight he’s the man. So, since he’s the bigger man, he will congratulate him. DDP offers MJF his hand, but MJF takes out his chewing gum and puts it in DDP’s hand. DDP gets in his face but then Wardlow steps between them and DDP tells him to step back. DDP says he’s gonna look petty damn stupid with a 63 year-old man kicking his ass all over Chicago. Wardlow grabs DDP and a brawl breaks out but out comes referees and officials to break it up. The ring really didn’t mean much, did it?

*Commercial Break*

Jenn Decker is in the ring with Dustin Rhodes. She asks if he has anything to say for Jake Hager. Rhodes says that Hager broke his arm and he is not the man he used to be. Pride and Powerful come in from behind and take Rhodes down. Guevara comes in as well and they stomp Rhodes down. Out comes Matt Jackson to make the save, followed by Nick but Guevara drops both of them with enziguiri’s, but then eats three superkicks from Rhodes and the Jacksons. Rhodes and The Bucks hit Shattered Dreams to Santana, Ortiz, and Guevara.

Our main event is up next.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for the main event and out comes Scorpio Sky with Daniels and Kazarian. The latter two wish their friend good luck and head to the back because all but the two competitors are banned from ringside. There is a 60-minute time limit, so if the match goes past the show-time, the rest of the match will be on YouTube.

AEW World Championship

(C) Chris Jericho Vs. Scorpio Sky

The title match gets underway and they lock-up and Jericho forces Scorpio to the corner. They lock-up again and this time Jericho gets shot off and drops Sky with a shoulder. Sky responds with a dropkick, then clotheslines Jericho to the outside.

Sky jumps over the ropes at Y2J but nobody’s home. Sky follows-up with a pump kick before sending Jericho back into the ring. A sunset flip pin earns Sky a two-count. Scorpio hits a flying back elbow, then whips Jericho to the corner. Sky looks for a headscissors but Jericho shoves him to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick to knock Sky to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Sky hits Y2J with a suplex. Jericho chops the chest of Sky, but gets caught with a hanging neckbreaker. Sky hits a Lou Thesz Press, followed by a dropkick.

Sky hits an ace crusher for a near-fall. Scorpio kicks Jericho from the corner, then looks for a front dropkick but Le Champion catches him and applies the Liontamer. Sky fights and crawls to the bottom rope. Jericho argues with Aubrey Edwards.

Sky cuts Jericho with another cutter and applies a dragon sleeper. Jake Hager comes running down and Sky knocks him from the apron. Jericho rolls-up Sky but he kicks out. A neckbreaker puts both men down. The referee’s are trying to explain why Aubrey isn’t doing anything about Hager being at ringside. Kazarian and Daniels come down and brawl with Hager to the back.

Meanwhile in the ring, Jericho has the AEW Title and he tries to hit Scorpio but gets caught with, you guessed it, a cutter for a near-fall. Scorpio tees-off on Jericho then puts him on the top rope for a Frankensteiner. A step-up enziguiri earns Scorpio another near-fall.

Jericho shoves Scorpio to the corner where he springboards out and gets caught with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Jericho takes to the corner and he looks for the Judas Effect but Scorpio counters with a backslide and Y2J kicks out. Sky swings for an enziguiri but Jericho catches the foot and applies the Liontamer and Sky taps!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Le Champion is still Le Champion. Jericho grabs his belt and starts to leave but comes back and applies another Liontamer to Scorpio Sky. Jon Moxley’s music hits and he comes out into the crowd to stare at Jericho. Y2J holds up his title and points at Moxley, who cracks his knuckles.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite this week. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for more news. Until then, safe travels.

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