AEW Fines Jimmy Havoc $10,000 Over Actions On Dynamite

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AEW Dynamite is a very eclectic pro wrestling show. They have take-downs, leap frogs, and dives like other promotions. They also include spots where Jimmy Havoc goes crazy with a staple gun, but not anymore.

Jimmy Havoc brought out a staple gun during the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal this week on the show. This was apparently over the line. AEW announced that Havoc has been fined $10,000 which will continue every time he uses his weapon of choice from now on.

AEW Management has reprimanded Jimmy Havoc for utilizing a staple gun on Wednesday night in Indianapolis.

Havoc has been fined $10,000 for his actions, and he will face future $10,000 fines any time he uses the staple gun.

It looks like Jimmy Havoc will need to figure out a new favorite toy to use during his matches. The staple gun was fun while it lasted, but it definitely wasn’t fun for Billy Gunn when he took a staple to the bathing suit area this week.

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