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This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is the go-home show for NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019. TakeOver: WarGames always produces some fun matches, and we already have 4 scheduled matches on the card, including 2 WarGames matches. How will NXT capitalize on this momentum and get the fans excited for this Saturday?

On the men’s side for WarGames, Ciampa still needs to find a fourth man for his team. The teams obviously were shaken up last week, likely due to Johnny Gargano’s injury, so who will replace Matt Riddle for Team Ciampa? Also, Adam Cole and Dominik Dijakovic will face off in a ladder match to determine which team gets the advantage going into WarGames. Will the NXT Champion climb the ladder and secure the briefcase, or will Cole feast his eyes on Dijakovic’s victory?

Speaking of ladder matches to determine advantage, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray shocked the world last week when she cost Mia Yim her match against Io Shirai and became the fourth member of Team Baszler. Who will land the final blow in this heated feud before Saturday?


Following the controversial finish in Lio Rush’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship defense against Angel Garza, will Garza look for revenge this week? There is not currently an NXT Cruiserweight Championship match on the card for WarGames, will one be added tonight?

After The Undisputed Era attacked The Revival during their Smackdown Tag Team Championship match last week, The Revival are coming to NXT to take on Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Will the top guys prevail, or will Fish and O’Reilly’s tag team run remain undisputed?

Finally, will Smackdown or RAW superstars fire any final shots at NXT before Survivor Series? The OC invaded NXT two weeks ago, and Bayley crashed Shayna Baszler’s victory party last week, but who will show their face tonight? Both Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have had offers from Triple H to jump ship; perhaps one of those two will appear tonight?

With so many questions still looming, we hope to get all the answers in the final edition of NXT before WarGames 2019, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

William Regal is backstage, where he greets RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Lynch is escorted by security to the entrance ramp, and Becky makes her way down to the ring.

Becky gets on the mic and says that “it’s been a while,” since she was in NXT and since she got to fight in Full Sail. Becky cuts a promo and runs down Bayley, then invites Shayna Basler to come down and confront her. Instead of Shayna, Rhea Ripley’s music hits, and Ripley comes down the ramp.

Rhea gets in the ring and gets in Becky’s face, but an official comes out and separates them, then rings the bell.

Rhea Ripley vs. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (Non-Title Match)

Rhea gets Becky in a headlock, then both women run the ropes and Becky shoulder tackles Rhea. Becky goes for a sliding dropkick to Rhea on the outside, but Rhea catches her in an electric chair and slams Becky face first into the apron, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rhea Ripley is in firm control. Rhea and Becky trade blows, but Rhea comes out on top. Becky gets on the top rope, but Rhea catches her and throws her off the turnbuckle. Ripley picks up Becky, but Becky reverses it into an inverted DDT, and both women are down.

Lynch and Ripley trade forearm strikes, but Becky catches a forearm from Rhea and hits her with a series of strikes and kicks. Lynch runs the ropes and runs at Ripley, but Ripley picks her up and slams her down, getting a 2 count pinfall attempt.

Rhea picks up Becky, and Becky rolls up Rhea for a 2 count. Becky hits Ripley with an enziguri, then a leg drop from the top rope and gets another 2 count. Becky sizes up Ripley and goes for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Ripley scouts it and rolls up Becky for a 2 count. Becky kicks out and goes into the Dis-Arm-Her and Ripley rolls through into a pinfall attempt and then a powerbomb.

Becky goes up top, but Ripley follows her and hits a superplex on Becky. Both women are down, and Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke come down the ring, jumping Rhea and Becky. Rhea and Becky are able to get back on the offense and dispatch of the Horsewomen, and Becky and Ripley stare down the horsewomen from the ramp.

Winner: Double DQ

Backstage, we see The Revival arriving backstage at NXT for their match with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish later tonight, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and a video package runs for Kay Lee Ray.

Kona Reeves vs. Matt Riddle

Before Kona Reeves can make it to the ring, Ricochet runs in from the crowd and hits Reeves with a huge dropkick, leveling him.

Matt Riddle comes out anyway, and comes face-to-face with Ricochet, and the match is on.

Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle

Ricochet and Riddle know each other so well, Riddle is able to counter Ricochet’s speed at first, but Ricochet is eventually too much, sending Riddle out of the ring and hitting a tope on Riddle.

Ricochet gets back in the ring and looks to get a standing shooting star press, but Riddle catches Ricochet into a triangle. Ricochet escapes, but Riddle follows it up with a Broton, a series of running forearm strikes, and an exploder suplex for a 2 count.

Riddle remains on the offense, going for a Final Flash Kneestrike, but Ricochet catches Riddle with a front chancery and hits a standing shooting star press for a 2 count. Ricochet goes to the top rope and goes for a phoenix splash, but Riddle dodges. Riddle hits a Final Flash Kneestrike, but Ricochet hits a step-up enziguri on Riddle. Riddle hits a German suplex on Ricochet, and both men are down.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura come down to the ring, but Ricochet and Riddle keep them at bay. Riddle catches Ricochet in a rollup for a 3 count, but Cesaro and Nakamura jump Riddle and Ricochet.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Ricochet hits a diving crossbody onto Cesaro, but Nakamura sets up a kinshasa on Riddle. Roderick Strong runs in and attacks Nakamura, but Riddle then turns his attention on Strong. Then Finn Balor comes out and attacks Riddle from behind, hitting him with a double foot stomp. Riddle sends Balor out of the ring with a Final Flash Kneestrike, and Riddle stands tall as Balor hightails it up the ramp.

The commentary team tells us that Damian Priest, Killian Dain, and Pete Dunne will face off Saturday to determine the #1 Contender for Adam Cole’s NXT Championship, and a video package plays that recaps the rivalry between those three men.

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are shown backstage, warming up for their match with Adam Cole looking on, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and we are treated to a preview of the Survivor Series card.

The Revival vs. NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish (Non-Title Match)

Kyle O’Reilly and Scott Dawson start the match, and O’Reilly ties up Dawson in the corner, but the ref forces a break. Dawson chops O’Reilly and startles him, but O’Reilly brings Dawon into the Era’ corner and tags in Bobby Fish. Dawson runs out of the ring and Fish and O’Reilly give chase, but Dash and Dawson meet them in the ring.

Dash Wilder tags in, but Fish methodically strikes away at Dash, then tags in O’Reilly. Wilder fights, but the numbers eventually get the better of Dash. They go for a double suplex, but Dawson comes in and catches Dash. Fish and O’Reilly go for roundhouse kicks, but Dash and Dawson dodge them and then hesitate to strike away at Fish and O’Reilly.

Eventually, Dash and Dawson and Fish and O’Reilly tie up and club away at each other until The Revival hit some tandem offense onto Fish and O’Reilly, finishing it off with a suplex over the top rope on Fish and O’Reilly, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Fish and Dash are the legal men, with Fish cornering Dash in the Era’s corner. Fish and O’Reilly make use of quick tags, getting in tandem offense on Dash Wilder. Fish hits a senton atomico on Dash, then tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly grounds Dash, clubbing and kneeing away at Dash Wilder all over his body.

O’Reilly locks in a front facelock on Dash, but O’Reilly takes down Dash with a leaping knee to the face. Fish tags in and locks in a sleeper on Dash. Fish lets go and strieks at Dash’s face, then goes for a guillotine hold, but Dash faits out of the ring. O’Reilly is the legal man now, and he sends Dash back into the ring, getting a 2 count pinfall attempt. Dash catches O’Reilly in a rollup for a 2 count, but O’Reilly hits another knee to Dash’s face, then tags in Bobby Fish.

Wilder hits a belly to back suplex on Fish, and Fish tags in O’Reilly, who takes out Scott Dawson before he can tag anyone in. O’Reilly and Fish double team Dash Wilder, hit Chasing the Dragon on Dash, but only get a 2 count. Dash gets out of the ring, but O’Reilly doesn’t give him a break, hitting him with a diving knee strike to the outside, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and O’Reilly and Dash are still the legal men. Dash hits a huge powerslam on O’Reilly, but Fish tags in and tries to stop the tag. Dash sends Fish out of the ring and gets the tag off. Back in the ring, Dawson is singlehandedly taking care of Fish and O’Reilly. Dawson goes to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt on Fish for a 2 count.

Dawson attempts a suplex, but Fish rolls him up for a 2 count. Dash catches Fish with a European uppercut and Dawson hits a high angle brainbuster for a 2 count. Dash and Dawson hit the tandem knees to the face on O’Reilly after O’Reilly pushed Fish out of the way. Fish and Dawson get to the top rope, but O’Reilly assists his partner and stops the superplex attempt. Dash takes out O’Reilly and tags himself in with Dawson hits a superplex on Fish. Dash hits a splash on Fish for a 2 count.

Wilder has Fish in an electric chair, but Fish fights out of it. Fish hits a Samoan Drop on Dawson. O’Reilly gets in the ring and they look to go for the Shatter Machine, but Dash gets in the ring and breaks it up, hitting a Shatter Machine on Bobby Fish. Dawson goes for the pin, but Fish pulls Dawson off of Fish before the 3 count can hit. Fish hits a diving knee from the top rope to Scott Dawson for a 2 count.

O’Reilly hits a series of kicks and strikes on Dawson, but only gets a 2 count. O’Reilly tags in Bobby Fish and they go a double team move, but Dawson fights out of it. Fish takes out Dawson with strikes and tags O’Reilly in. Dawson gets to his feet and realizes that he is surrounded by Fish and O’Reilly. They hit Total Elimination on Scott Dawson and get the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winners: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

Backstage, The Forgotten Sons and The Viking Raiders are shown being separated by security, and then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and we get a video package hyping up the women’s WarGames match.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai (Non-Title Match)

Kai goes right after Ray, hitting Ray with a headbutt and kick to the face. Kai delivers a strong kick to Ray’s face for a 2 count. Ray gets Kai in the corner and rains down kicks on Kai. Ray hits a vertical suplex for a 2 count. Ray whips Kai into the ring and follows it up, but Kai catches her and goes for a rollup for a 2 count. Ray picks up Kai and drops her on her face, getting a 2 count of her own.

Ray attacks Kai’s injured knee, and then circles her, kicking and slapping her. Ray sends Kai face first into the corner, then lays a series of rights into Kai. Ray goes back to Kai’s right knee, but Kai sends Ray face first into the middle turnbuckle. Kai gets a double stomp on Ray out of a corner, but she is favoring her knee. Kai hits a dropkick on Ray, then a series of kicks on Ray’s head. Ray and Kai go to the outside and Ray looks to whip Kai into the steps, but Kai reverses it and throws Ray into the steps instead, then kicks Ray in the head. Kai rolls Ray into the ring and covers her for a 2 count.

Kai catches Ray with a bicycle kick, but Ray hits Kai with a Gory Bomb for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Carmella, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville have all made their way to the ring and Ray and Kai, but it ends with a huge brawl between women from all three brands. Nikki Cross eventually clears house with a trash can lid, hitting everyone with it. Women are laying all over the outside of the ring and the entrance ramp, and Nikki Cross stands tall in the middle of the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Dominik Dijakovic is shown warming up backstage with Keith Lee and Tomasso Ciampa watching on.

RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Forgotten Sons (Non-Title Match)

Erik starts the match and takes the offense right to The Forgotten Sons, then tags in Ivar. Erik and Ivar hit their powerslam tag team offense and go for the pin on Wesley Blake, but it is broken up.

Erik tags back in, and Steve Cutler tags in. Cutler and Blake are able to get in some tag team offense, but Erik kicks out at 2. Cutler kicks away at Ivar, but Ivar fights out of the corner with strikes and headbutts. Ivar tags in and uses his agility to temporarily get the upper hand, but Jaxon Riker on the outside pulls Ivar off of the apron, and Ivar is also caught with a flying knee strike, dazing him and sending us to another commercial.

Back from commercial, and Ivar and Wesley Blake both get the hot tags and come in. Erik tags in, and picks up Ivar, throwing him into Blake. Ivar tags back in, and they hit Thor’s Hammer, but Riker puts Blake’s leg on the rope and the ref stops the count. Cutler sends Erik into the ringpost on the distraction, but Cutler and Blake are getting some tandem offense on Ivar, including a powerbomb into knees, for a two count.

Ivar tags in Erik, and Erik goes for a tope, but Riker catches him with a strike. Cutler hits a death valley driver on Erik on the outside and rolls him back in the ring, but only gets a 2 count. The ref sends Riker to the back, and Ivar hits a tope onto Riker. Back in the ring, Erik hits Cutler with a huge knee to Cutler’s face. Ivar tags in and goes for the top rope, but Wesley Blake meets him there and hits a frankensteiner on Ivar, sending all 4 men crashing to the ground.

Cutler and Blake go to take down Ivar, but Ivar dodges and hits a double back handspring. Ivar and Erik hit the pop-up into the powerslam combo and get the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

A video package hyping up Adam Cole runs, saying that he will defeat whoever he faces at Survivor Series, whether it be Killian Dain, Pete Dunne, or Damian Priest. Adam Cole is shown backstage, pacing, and Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong look on. His match with Dominik Dijakovic is next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we get a video package explaining WarGames matches.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. NXT Champion Adam Cole Ladder Match to Determine Advantage in the Men’s WarGames Match

Cole runs right at Dijakovic at the start of the match and slugs away at Dijakovic, but Dijakovic returns with clubbing strikes of his own, finishing it with clothesline that lays out Cole. Dijakovic goes under the ring and grabs a ladder, attempting to send it into the ring, but Cole hits a baseball dropkick on the ladder and sends it into Dijakovic. Back in the ring and Dijakovic returns the favor, driving the ladder onto Adam Cole, then whipping him hard into a ladder in the corner.

Dijakovic sets up the ladder in the ring and Dijakovic goes to climb, but Cole targets Dijakovic’s inured knee, keeping him from climbing. Cole continues to focus his attack on Dijakovic’s knee, slamming it into a ring post, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Diajkovic goes for a suplex on Adam Cole that would send Cole directly onto a ladder, but Cole reverses into an Ushigiroshi. Cole climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring, but Dijakovic catches him and chokeslams him onto a ladder in the corner of the ring.

Cole crawls towards the ladder, but Dijakovic grabs him and goes for a Feast Your Eyes, but Cole gets to the ladder and reaches for the briefcase. Cole instead decides to hit Panama Sunrise on Dijakovic. Cole climbs the ladder and raches for the briefcase, but Dijakovic stops him. Dijakovic hits Cole with a knee, but it is the injured knee of Dijakovic. Dijakovic and Cole climb the ladder and the both men are struggling for the briefcase, but Cole uses the briefcase and strikes Dijakovic in the face with the briefcase, knocking him off of the ladder and sending Dijakovic through a ladder. Cole unhooks the briefcase and wins.

Winner: Adam Cole

Cole celebrates in the ring, and Fish, Strong, and O’Reilly all begin to head down the ramp to celebrate. Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong are met by Smackdown wrestlers at the bottom of the ramp and RAW superstars at the top of the ramp. The Undisputed Era attack, and other members of the NXT roster come out to help.

Drew McIntyre ends up in the ring with Dominik Dijakovic and hits him with a claymore. Keith Lee enters the ring and hits a Spirit Bomb on Drew McIntyre. Ivar faces off with Keith Lee, and both men hit a tope on to the outside.

Adam Cole celebrates as the only man still standing in the ring, until he is hit with a surprise superkick from Seth Rollins. Rollins is about to hit a curbstomp on Adam Cole, but Tommaso Ciampa’s music hits and he stares down Seth Rollins. Ciampa kicks Cole’s head in on his way to the ring, but Seth and Ciampa stare each other down in the ring. Seth and Ciampa begin to brawl as NXT goes off the air.

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