Alicia Fox had some very public issues with alcohol and now she is setting the record straight. Foxy provided fans with an update on her status and she has good news to report.

Fox says she is “a few months” sober. That is great news because a lot of people were worried about how she was doing. Now she is getting back on track and hopes to inspire others as well.

for a WHILE I thought I could avoid addressing my #recovery of alcohol. I am human, and realized it was time to be #transparent and #honest w you #socialmedia now written on #cyberconcrete 👀💕 TODAY, Im a few months #sober, I’ve creatively navigated my emotions, snagged some new skills AND I WANT TO HELP!!! Ive learned that alcoholism is life threatening situation and support is available!! I figured I can sharing my insight and BE of SERVICE to anyone finding it hard to believe that ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT’ and deserve an opportunity to learn how to live a clean and sober life… it would be an honor to share my #hope, #strength, and #experience 🙌🏾✨ SNAIL MAIL ME at @resilienceamongmankind 3948 3rd Street South suite #442; Jacksonville Beach 32250 🌻💕 I’m inviting everyone to a safe social place to discuss and expand understanding of our transforming minds 🙏✨ #fancyasfox 🦊#foxyladies are in #recovery too!! Ok! Thx for allowing me get that off my chest!! 🐏 💨✨#rambrand#resilienceamongmankind

We continue to wish the best for Alicia Fox here at Ringside News. You can never change the past, but Alicia Fox seems to be on the right track as she is now sober and able to be open about her issues with addiction.

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