WWE Employee Wins WWE 24/7 Title

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The WWE 24/7 Title changed hands last night, but now there is a new champion and he’s not even a WWE Superstar.

Now R-Truth has dropped the WWE 24/7 Title to a WWE Employee. Mike is the first-ever WWE employee to hold the 24/7 Title. Triple H was pretty happy about this as he posed with Mike and wrote:

I’ve always said @WWE’s greatest asset is our talent. In-ring, production and the various departments at HQ. At today’s Town Hall, Mike made history as the FIRST employee to hold the 24/7 Championship and get #ThePoint.

We’ll just have to see how long this title reign lasts. At this point, the WWE 24/7 Title has lost a little bit of the excitement that it used to have when Drake Maverick was putting up posters all over every city WWE visited.

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