Mickie James is currently out of action with a knee injury, but right now that might be the last thing on her mind.

James posted a heartbreaking Instagram post revealing that her sister Susan has passed away. You can read the caption for her post below.

I’ve watched you fight the good fight for the last 5 years
It’s all I could do to smile and hold back the tears
I tried to be strong, as strong as you, but what you didn’t see
Every time I walk out that cold hospital door I fell hard to my knees
I begged the lord please, please don’t take her this way

I’d scream out why don’t you listen, I know you can hear me
I know we all gotta go but please not this way
They say heaven needs it’s angels, is it just to try to ease my mind
Well damnit I need one too because this world is far too unkind
It’s not fair, I’m so scared, And I know I’ll never be the same


But I promise you now and forever I won’t remember you this way
I’ll remember us ruining every couch daddy bought and staying up all night
I’ll remember learning how to put on our makeup and pillow fights
I’ll remember us picking grandmas sunflowers and our switches too
I’ll even remember wiping the tears whenever you needed me too
But I won’t remember you, not this way

We both know It wasn’t supposed to be this way
We were gonna be sitting on the front porch laughing at the grandkids when we’re old and grey
I was supposed to beat y’all to the finish line like I always did
And meet you at the gates with a shot of patron double chilled
Now who’s gonna fill that empty rocking chair sitting in the middle
Because these two sisters miss you already and that’s a seat that no one can fill

But I promise you this… I promise you now… I won’t miss you this way

I’ve watched your body fade
But the memory of you never will
I’ve watch you cry at the woman you see
And search for who You used to be
But I see you… I still see you… I’ll always see you
And I’ll always remember how much I love you
#restinparadise #RIPSUSAN #Lastkiss

Our thoughts go out to Mickie James and her entire family during this incredibly sad time.

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