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The New Day could lose the SmackDown Tag Team Titles as they face The Revival. Let’s see if WWE ends up altering Survivor Series once again.

Speaking of Survivor Series, Nikki Cross will face Bayley tonight and if Cross wins then she gets the final spot on Team SmackDown. Mustafa Ali and Shorty G will also face Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode with their Survivor Series spots with Team SmackDown on the line.

Lacey Evans is already on Team SmackDown so it’s likely we’ll hear from her. She didn’t have to win a match first either.


Also, The Miz will have Daniel Bryan as a guest on Miz TV. Let’s see if The Fiend shows up. You can check out a complete bullet point list from WWE below:

  • The New Day and The Revival set for championship rematch
  • Daniel Bryan joins The Miz for “Miz TV”
  • Nikki Cross takes on Bayley for the right to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series
  • Mustafa Ali & Shorty G face Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode with Survivor Series spots on the line
  • Lacey Evans joins Team SmackDown for Survivor Series

Opening Segment

King Corbin came out on a throne with people carrying him to the ring. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cole said. Corey Graves loved it.

Corbin joined Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode who were already in the ring. Nobody carried them.

“You suck” chants and then Corbin tried to start, but they booed him more. “Let the man talk,” Roode said. Then Corbin said to pay respects to their kind and they should be like Ziggler and Roode who have pledged their loyalty to his kingdom. New stable called Kingdom coming to WWE? That’s totally not something that already exists in pro wrestling.

Corbin took several stabs at Reigns calling him a “shell of what he once was” and Roman refuses to believe it. Then Corbin said this is no long Roman Reigns’ yard, it’s his kingdom. Then he declared that he is the Captain of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Apparently, that’s legit because they showed a graphic for it.

Ziggler said that Shorty G and Mustafa Ali aren’t going to compare to them. Roode said they got hand outs and that doesn’t fly with King Corbin.

Then Corbin invited Roman Reigns to the ring saying that if they’re team mates at Survivor Series then they need to trust each other. They asked if we wanted to see The Big Dog. Then they played a ridiculous video of a chihuahua barking and someone came out in a dog suit doing all of Roman’s mannerisms. We’re not kidding. There was high-pitched barking and howling to Roman’s music. Dogs all over the country probably freaked out with this segment.

Then they made the Big Dog bow to Corbin.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs Mustafa Ali & Shorty G

Then showed the CM Punk WWE Backstage footage.

The match got started with Roode and G in the ring together. Shorty pulled off a very technical takedown

Then Ziggler took the tag and they gained the upper hand on G. Shorty and then G was able to tag in Ali. Mustafa eventually took control on Ziggler with a kick from the corner then he hit a rolling facebuster.

The heels continued to work on Ali as Roode took the tag. Ziggler took a cheap shot at Ali when the referee wasn’t looking.

Ali took a leap out of the ring and smashed against the announce table. Just as the heels were swarming around Mustafa Ali, Roman Reigns made his entrance to even up the score.

They continued and kicked out after a Famasser from Ziggler before Ali nailed a superkick as Ziggler was charging at him for a superkick of his own.

Roode and G got tags and Shorty threw Ziggler gourd and hit a cannon ball on Roode before nailing a spinning neck breaker. G hit a beautiful moonsault for two-count and everyone was shocked that the match did’t end.

Ziggler made the blind tag and Ali broke up a pin after an assisted Zig Zag. They traded Superkicks and Ali left. G got on an ankle lock, but Roode saved the match for his team.

Roman nailed a spear on Roode on the outside and then Gable hit a German Suplex followed by an 054 from Ali for the win.

Winners: Mustafa Ali & Shorty G

They aired footage of The Fiend’s attack on Daniel Bryan from last week.

Firefly Fun House Segment

He introduced a new title. It was blue. You watch the clip by clicking here.

Baron Corbin and his Big Dog furry mascot were talking to Dolph and Robert. They were pissed about losing to Ali and G. Then King Corbin said he’s going to go talk to someone about it.

Braun Strowman vs Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak were in the ring together as Braun made his way down to the blue roped ring. Gulak said the B Team is with him because they want to learn. Then he introduced a PowerPoint presentation of sorts.

Apparently, this match is for a spot in Survivor Series.

Strowman destroyed everyone. This put Strowman over big and there was no match after all.

Backstage, The New Day cut an interview with Kayla Braxton. They are definitely ready for this match against The Revival. They said that Xavier Woods is with them in heart.

Daniel Bryan refused to join Sami Zayn’s little stable. Then he suggested they ask Braun Strowman. There was an entire backstage segment and Big E was sitting there dancing for the entire time.

The New Day vs The Revival

This match showcased each team’s ability to work so well with each other. They wrestled for a while and then Kofi and Dawson made hot tags.

Kingston hit a dropkick off the top and then they rolled of the ring and Kofi did a trust fall on The Revival.

The New Day set up for the Midnight Hour, but it was blocked. Dawson nailed a DDT for a two count. The Revival send Kofi into the post outside and throw in Big E. Then they hit a Shatter Machine on Big E, but Kofi broke up the pin yet again.

Suddenly, the Undisputed Era showed up and destroyed Kofi and the New Day and The Revival. This was another NXT massacre.The blue brand’s locker room emptied, but UE got away safe and sound.

Heavy Machinery vs Enhancement Talent

Heavy Machinery won. They’re getting over. Good for them.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Bayley vs Nikki Cross

Shayna Baszler showed up early on in the match. Bayley went to leave and then Tegan Nox, Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Mia Yim jumped the barricade and put Bayley back in front of Baszler. Then Banks jumped Baszler and there was an all-out brawl for a bit until the SmackDown Women fled.

Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim, Dakota Kai vs Carmella, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Nikki Cross

Let me just say that for Mia Yim to be in this match so soon after her BRUTAL ladder match on NXT against Io Shirai… yeah. Mia Yim is a badass. An absolute badass and everyone should be watching her.

This was a typical multiple person match. They went through one commercial segment. Everyone did highlight moves from NXT and Rhea Ripley looked great.

Dakota Kai also landed a stiff kick to Banks. Suddenly Cross nailed her Neckbreaker on Dakota and she got the pinfall.

Winners: SmackDown team

After the match, women form the SmackDown locker room rushed to the ring and they ran off the NXT Superstars.

Miz TV

Daniel Bryan came out and The Miz showed the segment from last week. The Miz asked Bryan why he thinks the Fiend attacked him. Bryan didn’t say anything.

The Miz said that The Fiend sees that Bryan is “mentally unstable” he’s conflicted and confused and nobody has any idea of who he is. Then he said that The Fiend sees that Bryan is “Washed up and I think he wants to be the one to end Daniel Bryan.”

Bryan said the reason he was quiet is because Miz TV sucks and Miz TV has always sucked. He said that The Miz doesn’t understand mentally instability combined with this kind of passion, but Wyatt does because he’s mentally unstable as well.

Suddenly, Wyatt appeared on screen in a Firefly Fun House. He said it’s rude to talk about someone when they’re not present. Being afraid isn’t a good feeling, but maybe that’s why The Fiend scared Bryan.

Maybe The Fiend remembers what Bryan did. Then he got all dark and said “I really think that he does. Or, maybe he just wants to play with you?!”

Then Wyatt dug through a big to chest and he pulled out the new blue Universal Title. it’s a good looking title for the blue brand.

Wyatt asked him to join them and Bryan said no. Then Bray asked for a Universal Title match and Wyatt said yes.

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