WWE Changes Ali’s Name Yet Again

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WWE will sometimes change up a Superstar’s name for whatever reason Vince McMahon wants to use. This will also sometimes include the company going right back to the Superstar’s original name.

The company changed Mustafa Ali’s name to simply “Ali.” This stuck for a few months, but it appears they’ve already put the “Mustafa” back on “Ali.”

It’s interesting that WWE would do this. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan also lost their first names for a spell only to receive them once again. Others like Rusev and Cesaro have still not received their first names back. It appears that WWE figured that Ali needed his first name after all.

You can check out the graphic below that appears on Mustafa Ali’s official profile page. The SmackDown Superstar has a first name once again. It’s likely that he will still be called “Ali,” but now the commentary team as another option since WWE gave him his first name back.

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