Nick Jackson Gets AEW Dynamite Type-O Trending On Social Media

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Nick Jackson is an Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling, but he’s still capable of simple mistakes just like anyone else. Only when he does it, his type-os can end up trending on Twitter.

Jackson recently misspelled the name of AEW’s television show as “Dyamite.” This soon got #AEWDyamite trending on social media as the #8 trend in the United States.

Lmao I spelled Dynamite wrong and got it trending #8. Oops. Fantastic EVP! #AEWDynamite

Not only does this show Jackson’s influence, but it also brings attention to the fact that AEW fans love to have a lot of fun whenever they can. Obviously, they realized how Dynamite is spelled, but that didn’t stop them from following Nick Jackson’s example.

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