Ryback spent a good amount of time with WWE and he has witnessed Vince McMahon make a lot of money. The big question is will McMahon sell WWE?

While speaking on Conversations with the Big Guy Ryback, he revealed that he does think Vince McMahon will sell WWE. McMahon is a billionaire who loves to make a profit.

If you look at companies like Disney who are snatching up properties all over the place it makes logical sense to Ryback that Mr. McMahon will eventually flip WWE for a big financial gain.

“But Vince McMahon is looking at this strictly as, and this is what I believe, he is looking at how he can make as much money as possible where they will eventually sell. I bet you with Fox and Disney and all of this, this was the beginning stages of eventually selling the company.”


“They have also watered down the product where all you have to do is wrestling moves. You don’t even have to know psychology or look the part, you just plug these guys in and say hey, we have a school they learn a bunch of moves and we can put them on TV and this is our business model where you can now take over. You don’t even need us to run it.”

“Honestly, they look at this as such a business and the way they made their product that is what they are doing. All Vince McMahon cares about is money. I made it, we had our run, make as much money as humanly possible. In our final year, we will make $2 billion this year or $5 billion and that’s it, and you guys can take over the wrestling.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me. It just doesn’t make sense with so many things that he has proven to me where Vince has even told me that he is a businessman. The only thing he cares about is making as much money as possible by any means necessary.”

WWE is locked into a ten-year deal with Saudi Arabia with eight years left. It makes sense that WWE will want to ride out that guaranteed money, but you also never know if that deal could be attractive for another company that is interested in purchasing WWE. The biggest question is what this new hypothetical owner will do with the company Vince McMahon helped build.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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