Who Ran WWE SmackDown Backstage Last Night

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WWE had a lot of things to deal with last night. Vince McMahon made it out of Saudi Arabia on time and got to Buffalo, but some thought Triple H would be running the show. That wasn’t the case after all.

McMahon might have been tired, but he still got the job done last night. Dave Meltzer reports that McMahon was running the show last night.

It is reported that Triple H was a key driver of the NXT segments, but McMahon ran the show as usual.

Although I’m sure most people can figure this, the key driver of Smackdown was Levesque, aside from the opening segment.

Vince McMahon had to re-write SmackDown in a big way last night due to the fact that so many Superstars weren’t there. In the end, they really pulled off something impressive all things considered. We can only hope that the ratings agree.

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