Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for AEW Dynamite!

Tonight’s card is a stacked one to put it lightly. The marquee bout of which is the rematch between Kenny Omega and Joey Janela. Those two nut jobs had a blistering unsanctioned match on the second episode of AEW Dynamite, and made that show must-watch. Tonight they look to one-up themselves, even if this match is sanctioned.

The AEW Tag Team Tournament rolls-on tonight, with two semi-final matches; Lucha Bros vs. Private Party, and SCU Vs. The Dark Order. That isn’t all the tag team action tonight however, as we’re also getting Best Friends Vs. The Young Bucks. Much like last week, this is to be an action-packed week of tag matches.

Perhaps most excitingly however, we’re going to get a one-on-one bout between PAC and Jon Moxley. The two men have been butting heads as of late, which culminated with Moxley attacking PAC during their tag match last week. This could and should blow the roof off the place.


And that’s the majority of AEW Dynamite for this week. Britt Baker will be in action, and Cody will talk about his upcoming match against Chris Jericho. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and download the Ringside News app to stay up to date. Enjoy the show!

AEW Dynamite

Dynamite kicks-off with a match in the semi-final of the Tag Team Tournament, with both teams already in the ring!

Private Party Vs. The Lucha Bros

The match begins with Ray Fenix and Mark Quen. They engage in some ducks and dodges until Quen catches Fenix with a dropkick and gets cocky. Fenix responds with a release German suplex to Quen before knocking Isiah Kassidy from the apron and tagging Pentagon.

Pentagon and Fenix lay Quen across the ropes and chop him hard. The Luchas pop-up Quen, who counters with a double dropkick. Kassidy tags in and knocks Fenix from the ring, before hitting a double-team hurricanrana to send Pentagon out as well. Fenix comes back in but gets hit with a plethora of double-team moves from Private Party, including a double foot stomp.

Quen is the legal man but both men are in the ring, and he hits a massive somersault senton from the top rope to Fenix on the floor. In the ring, Kassidy runs at Pentagon and gets tossed over the ropes but Quen is on the apron and tosses him right back in to catch Fenix with a hurricanrana. Quen heads up top and hits a 450 for a near-fall. There are no rules in AEW’s tag matches, all four men are in the ring as much as they like and the referee does nothing.

Fenix tags in and hits a huge double foot stomp to Quen, Pentagon knocks Kassidy from the apron, then Pentagon hits Quen with a double stomp to the ass in the corner. The Lucha Bros put Quen on Kassidy’s shoulders, then Pentagon tosses Fenix up and he dropkicks Quen who somehow reverse Frankensteiner’s his partner. Fenix then hits a springboard moonsault to Kassidy on the floor.

In the ring, Pentagon knocks Quen onto the middle rope and Kassidy hits him there. The commentators discuss the sheer lack of rules or sense in this match and JR is bewildered. Quen finally makes the tag to Kassidy who almost botches a springboard hurricanrana. Kassidy flips over Fenix and hits a springboard hurricanrana, followed by a suicide dive to Pentagon on the outside. Kassidy shoulder tackles Fenix from the apron, then springboard moonsaults onto Pentagon before jumping back up and hitting a springboard crucifix for a near-fall.

Private Party double-team Ray Fenix, hitting a Sliced Bread, then Kassidy hits a spinning dive over the ropes onto Pentagon. Quen heads up top and hits a shooting star press for a near-fall. Fenix hits Isiah with a fireman’s carry slam, then hits a gory bomb to Quen and a leg drop to Kassidy. Pentagon comes in hot – despite being jumped on a billion times – and takes out both Kassidy and Quen.

Pentagon and Fenix look for the package piledriver finish but Quen hits both men with hurricanrana’s, and Kassidy hits a cutter to Fenix. Pentagon heads to the top rope and gets hurricanrana’d off by Quen but upon landing he hits a Canadian Destroyer to Kassidy! Pentagon performs the arm-breaker on Quen, then he and Fenix hit the package piledriver/double stomp finish for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Bros

Pentagon Jr. and Ray Fenix are through to the final of the Tag Team Tournament.

We see a video of last week when Christopher Daniels was attacked prior to the tag team match by Pentagon and Fenix. And we’re heading right into our second semi-final match.

SCU Vs. The Dark Order

The match starts with Frankie Kazarian and Stu Grayson, and they engage in some holds before Evil Uno comes in and takes Kazarian out and The Dark Order double team him in the corner. Uno hits a running hip attack to Kazarian in the corner. Frankie fires back with a series of strikes and a lariat to create some distance.

Sky tags in and Kazarian whips Uno into a dropkick from him for the pin attempt. The Dark Order double team Sky in the corner and Uno whips him into a clothesline from Grayson for a two-count. Sky explodes out of the corner with a series of clotheslines to Grayson but eats a kick from the outside by Uno.

Grayson looks for a backdrop but Sky stops and hits a Ghetto Stomp before tagging Kazarian in. Kazarian hits a hesitation dropkick to Grayson in the corner and scores a near-fall. Sky quickly tags back in and dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop to the arm of Grayson. Grayson shoves Sky away and hits a moonsault kick and then tosses Sky to the floor where Uno tosses him into the guardrail and then into the ring steps head-first. He gets him back in the ring for a two count and we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Grayson has Scorpio Sky down and clubs him with a forearm. Stu forces Sky to the corner and tags Uno who drops Scorpio and applies an eye gouge. During the match, The Inner Circle come walking through the crowd and make their way up the steps to a VIP booth.

Sky counters Uno with a neckbreaker and makes a tag to Kazarian. Stu comes in as well but Kazarian drops him and Uno with lariats, followed by a flying forearm and a scoop slam. Springboard leg drop from Kazarian to Grayson, then a swinging neckbreaker and a two count.

Kazarian does an O’Conner roll to Uno, then hits a northern lights suplex to Stu for a near-fall. Kazarian heads up top but Uno hits the ropes to make him fall. Uno throws Sky and Grayson belly-to-belly suplexes him into Frankie in the corner. Grayson gets Kazarian up in an electric chair and throws him off at Uno who powerbombs him for a two count.

Kazarian counters The dark Order and forces them to hit each other before tagging Sky who hits a cutter to Uno, while Kazarian hits one to Grayson. SCU apply double dragon sleepers but Grayson gets to his feet and tumbles with Frankie into Uno and Sky. All four men are down.

Grayson walks over the shoulders of Uno and the referee to leap onto Kazarian, but then Scorpio hits him with a whirlwind kick. Grayson dodges a running forearm from Sky to leap over the ropes onto Kazarian on the floor! Uno counters Sky with a slam for a two count, then Kazarian returns with a springboard DDT to Grayson and then leaps over the ropes to DDT Uno on the apron. They hit SCU Later to Grayson for the win.

Winners: SCU

SCU progress to the final where they will face The Lucha Bros to become the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions, as well as extract revenge for Christopher Daniels.

Joey Janela Vs. Kenny Omega

The bell rings and Kenny fist-bumps Joey. They lock-up and Kenny takes the wrist but Janela flips out of it and takes a wrist for himself. Joey climbs to his feet and hits a springboard arm-drag. Kenny flips Joey to the apron and kicks him to the floor.

Omega leaps over the ropes onto Janela and we see The Inner Circle watching on and berating Kenny. Back in the ring, Omega chokes Joey with his boot in the corner, before chopping him. Janela dodges a running Kenny and forearms him a few times. Janela heads to the middle rope and Kenny looks for the Deadly Driver but Joey rolls through and poses.

Joey tosses Kenny from the ring and heads up top before hitting a crossbody to Omega on the floor. Joey gets Kenny back inside and they go back and forth as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Kenny hit Joey with a rolling fireman’s carry, but his follow-up moonsault is countered with knees. Kenny catches Joey with two snap dragon suplexes and again we see Jericho and his cronies talking trash from the rafters. 

Joey counters Omega with a German suplex into the turnbuckles, then he heads up top and hits an elbow drop for a two-count. Janela looks for ten punches in the corner but Kenny drops him on the buckles. Kenny connects with a big shining wizard for a near-fall. Kenny looks for the V-Trigger but gets caught with a release German suplex. Kenny slaps Joey, who responds with a kick, Kenny hits a leaping knee, Janela lands a brainbuster, and both men are down. “This is awesome” from the fans.

Janela runs the ropes to build up momentum and hits Kenny with a big lariat for a near-fall. Kenny rolls to the apron and Janela heads up top for a senton but Omega moves and he crashes hard. Omega sends Janela back inside and hits the V-Trigger, followed by the One Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Cody makes his entrance. He’ll be talking to Tony Schiavone after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Cody is live in the ring with Tony Schiavone when we return from commercial break. On November 9th, at AEW Full Gear, Cody will face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship.

Tony asks Cody how he feels about the match but every time he tries to speak, Sammy Guevara blasts an air horn from the VIP booth. Cody says he has the opportunity to perform in front of the fans and its appropriate that he gets to make an announcement tonight. Jericho gets a mic and boos as well as blasting an air horn into the mic. Cody turns his attention to Jericho and says this isn’t like the company they came from, he could easily step through the ropes and go up to that booth right now.

Jericho tells Pittsburgh to shut-up. He says Cody is a smart man and he shouldn’t do anything stupid like come up there. He says Cody is a “tired, millenial little bitch” and that’s enough for Cody. He jumps out of the ring and rips his jacket off. Jericho warns Cody that it’s a 4-on-1 situation right now, so he should just leave. Cody seems to agree but then Dustin Rhodes comes out, followed by MJF. Jericho mocks MJF and says “who the hell wears a scarf?” It’s still 4-on-3 but then DDP comes out to make up the numbers and Cody’s crew joins him in hopping the barricade.

Jericho and his cohorts head through a door to the VIP room just as Cody and co. approach. MFJ gives Cody his scarf and he wraps it around his fist before punching through the glass and opening the door. All hell breaks loose as heels and babyfaces fight their way into the halls of the arena; trash cans are flying, Jericho has a broom, officials pull them all apart as fans film and cheer near the popcorn stand. Cody and his pals are made leave, but Jericho and his friends have tickets, so he can stay.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Best Friends are already in the ring. The Young Bucks come down to the ring. As they’re posing, Orange Cassidy rolls in and stares at the Bucks. Matt shoves Orange, who responds with his patented superkicks to both Matt and Nick. The Bucks look around before dropping Cassidy with double superkicks.

Best Friends Vs. The Young Bucks

Best Friends attack the Bucks as soon as Cassidy rolls from the ring. They isolate Nick Jackson but he knocks Chuck from the ring and hits an X-Factor to Trent. Nick hits a springboard moonsault to Taylor, then he and Matt hit Trent with a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. Matt grabs Chuck with a handstand on the apron and Nick dropkicks him to the floor. The Bucks hug to mock Chuck and Trent.

Nick is attacked and tossed into the barricade. Chuck whips Nick into a spear from Trent, then they hit the Doomsday Knee to Matt on the floor! Back in the ring, Trent chops Matt in the corner. He whips Matt to the corner with Chuck, but Matt leaps over the ropes and DDT’s Taylor on the apron. Matt turns his attention to Orange Cassidy, still on the outside, but the distraction allows Trent to deliver a baseball slide. Trent forearms Matt in the ring, then lariats him to the outside.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Matt looks for a 450 but Trent dodges it and hits a German suplex. Nick comes in but he too gets German suplexed. Matt runs in again and this time he dodges the German suplex and Trent tags Chuck Taylor, who comes in with belly-to-belly’s to both Matt and Nick. Standing Sliced Bread and a powerbomb from Chuck earns a two count.

Taylor stomps around the ring and lifts Nick but Matt hits him. The Bucks look to double-team Taylor but he counters them and belly-to-belly’s Matt into Matt. Taylor hits the Falcon Arrow to Matt for a near-fall. Matt meets Taylor on the top rope but Taylor jumps up and hits a reverse belly-to-belly that sends Matt from the ring. Best Friends knock Nick out as well, then hug.

Orange Cassidy climbs up top and hits a front flip, hands in pockets, to Matt and Nick on the floor. The referee doesn’t care for some reason. Then Best Friends hit Storm Zero but Nick breaks up the pin attempt with a double stomp. Best Friends hit Nick with a Doomsday Knee but he lands on his feet and Matt returns for a superkick party. Matt hits a dive to the outside onto Cassidy and Trent. Matt and Nick hit multiple moonsaults to Chuck for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks get on the horn after the match, and they accept the match against Santana and Ortiz at AEW Full Gear!

We get a promo video for hometown girl Dr. Britt Baker, who will be in action next.

Dr. Britt Baker Vs. Jamie Hayter

The match begins and Hayter rushes Britt in the corner. She hits her with a suplex into the turnbuckles, then kicks her to the floor. Hayter goes out after Baker and slams her into the steps, before whipping her into the barricade. Baker comes back with a slingblade on the floor as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Hayter has Britt in a headlock. Baker punches out and they go back and forth until Jamie jumps on Baker with a sleeper hold. Baker counters with a fallaway slam and hits a shining wizard, followed by another slingblade for a two-count.

Baker looks for a suplex but Hayter counters with a Falcon Arrow for a two-count. Hayter follows-up with a running knee for another two. The commentators keep talking about Hayter like she’s the same size as Awesome Kong. Hayter gets hit with a superplex but comes right back with a running forearm.

Baker counters Hayter with a superkick, followed by a cutter (the 5th of the night?). Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near-fall. Baker drills a knee into the face, then applies Lockjaw and Hayter taps!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

The commentators talk-up the big Tag Team Tournament Final between The Lucha Bros and So Cal Uncensored.

We see highlights from the big brawl earlier tonight between Cody and his pals, and The Inner Circle.

Jamie Hayter is interviewed backstage but before she can talk, Brandi Rhodes attacks her. The interviewer calls for Brandi to stop and she turns and points at her before storming off.

*Commercial Break*

Jon Moxley makes his entrance but, as he stands on the stage, PAC attacks him from behind! PAC beats Moxley down the ramp and chokes him with his leather jacket. Officials try to stop PAC as the fans chant “a$$hole”. PAC fires Moxley into the barricade, then slowly enters the ring. Referees don’t want Moxley to compete but he slides in anyway.

PAC Vs. Jon Moxley

The match officially begins and PAC hits a step-up enziguiri. He heads up top and looks for the Black Arrow but Moxley rolls from the ring. PAC runs and hits a twisting moonsault to Jon on the floor.

Back in the ring, PAC keeps Moxley down with elbows and knees. Moxley leaps up and slams PAC into the corner where he delivers rapid stomps. PAC comes back with a few kicks of his own for a two-count. PAC choke Moxley in the corner as we take our final break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find PAC still firmly in control. He slaps Jon, who gets fired-up, so PAC kicks him in the head and hits a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Moxley takes to the apron and PAC looks to German suplex him on it, but Moxley counters with a bulldog DDT on the apron!

Back in the ring, PAC and Jon fire back and forth. Moxley runs-over PAC with a forearm but then gets battered with kicks. Moxley responds with a lariat that turns PAC inside out, then hits a release suplex for a near-fall. Jon looks for the running knee but PAC rolls out, only for Moxley to follow-up with a suicide dive!

Back in the ring, PAC is caught with a spinning sidewalk slam, followed by the running knee for a near-fall. Moxley applies the Cloverleaf submission but PAC reaches the ropes. Moxley heads to the top rope but gets kicked in the head. PAC climbs up top and hits an avalanche Falcon Arrow for a near-fall.

PAC climbs up for the Black Arrow but Moxley rolls out of the way. Jon flips PAC over the ropes, then looks to hit a dive but PAC gets on the apron and pulls the rope down. With Moxley down on the outside, PAC hits a 450 from the apron! PAC gets Moxley back inside and leaps for Black Arrow but nobody’s home! One minute of TV time remaining. Moxley crawls over and pins PAC but he kicks out. They get to their feet and Moxley hits Paradigm Shift with 40 seconds left. He takes his sweet time going for the pin but gets it with seven seconds left…and PAC kicks out!


The match ends with a draw as the allotted TV time came to an end. Moxley doesn’t like the finish, nor do the fans, and Jon hits the referee with a Paradigm Shift.

The show comes to a close with Moxley pacing around the ring angry. And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought in the comments and be sure to come back tomorrow for more wrestling news! Until then, safe travels!

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