Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. We will kick everything off at 8:00 PM EST.

Four titles are on the line tonight and one of those matches will be determined in a ladder match. Those are always fun and sine Ace Romero recently signed with the company he’s in the match too.

Tonight will also see Ken Shamrock’s return to the ring as he faces Moose. Those two could surprise us and they’ve been hinting at Shamrock taking some unprotected chair shots to recreate a classic spot with The Rock.

You can check out the rest of the card below:



Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan


Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood


Jake Crist (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Ace Austin vs. Ace Romero


The North (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Rhino & Rob Van Dam


Eddie Edwards (enters at #1), Mahabali Shera (enters at #20), Rosemary, Johnny Swinger, Jessicka Havok, Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan, Cousin Jake, Cody Deener, Raj Singh, Adam Thornstowe, Luster the Legend, 8 Participants TBA — Winner chooses any championship match.

Ken Shamrock vs. Moose

Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji

The Rascalz (Trey, Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier) vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., Aerostar and Taurus

Call Your Shot Match

Joey Ryan was a big surprise in this match, but nobody wanted to touch it. Then everyone touched it in a big line and five people took back bumps thanks to his strong dong.

Havoc came in next and chokeslammed Ryan. Then Rosemary came in while Joey poured baby oil on his crotch. That didn’t end too well for him. Then Fulton came in and took both of them out.

Swoggle was another big surprise and then Tommy Dreamer came out too.

Kylie Rae was another huge surprise in this match. She was sporting some new ring attire too. Kylie was all smiles and gave out Superkicks all over before hitting a cannonball and the she did her signature pose. Then Fulton choked her out in the corner a bit.

It all came down to Eddie Edward and Shera, but Fulton took out Edwards first with a powerbomb against the apron.

Eddie Edwards ended up coming through with the win in this one.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood

Taya is the longest reigning Knockouts champion in history at 287 days. Taya got the early advantage with some strikes, but Tenille landed a kick and a suplex for a two count.

They continued and a neckbreaker from Tenille sent Taya to the floor, but she avoided a top turnbuckle dive from Dashwood by moving out of the way. Then Taya caught Tenille’s leg on a kick and sent her into the apron.

Taya hit a backstabber for a two count and then she latched on a submission hold. The entire time Don Callis kept throwing shade at John Morrison. He called the stuffed dog that Johnny Bravo had “Hennigan” and then he said that Taya is by far the most talented wrestler in her family.

Tenille sidestepped Taya in the corner and latched on a tarantella for five seconds. Then Dashwood hit a cross body dive for a two count. Tenille landed more punches, but Taya sent Tenille into the turnbuckle and hit running knees.

Dashwood hit a sit-down powerbomb from the top rope for a two count next. She laid in some elbows, but Taya hit a blue thunder bomb for another two count.

They started fighting on the apron and then Taya blocked Dashwood from hitting a move. Then Taya hit a nasty looking package piledriver on the apron.

Tenille got back in at the referee’s 9 count and immediately had to kick out of a pinfall. Taya tried to hit another move off the top and then Tenille came back with two crossbody splashed and a spotlight running knee strike. Bravo pulled Taya under the ropes to break up the pinfall, but he was then ejected from ringside.

Bravo threw a steel chain into the ring and Taya wrapped it around her fist. She missed a swing and then Tenille got the chain and threw it. Then Taya hit her finisher and got the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

The North (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Rhino & Rob Van Dam

Alexander and Willie Mack started things out. Then Mack hit a Rana and Alexander hit a hip toss and made the tag to Page. Then Swann took the tag and Page took a 6-1-9 from Mack and a kick from Swann.

Page threw Swann into the wrong corner and Rhino took the tag. He eventually took a boot from Page after Josh provided a distraction and The North regained control.

RVD took the tag and he rallied with plenty of kicks, a rolling thunder and a split legged moonsault for a two count on Alexander. Swann tagged himself in and RVD had to leave.

This match continued as Swann took a sit-down pinning powerbomb for a two count. Then Swann was turned inside out with a backdrop from Page. The North continued to keep the pressure on Rich Swann.

Swann fought back and he hit a DDT off of a reversal. Mack took the tag next and he hit plenty of clotheslines and then he hit a cannonball on Alexander and a standing moonsault on Page for a two count.

RVD and Rhino had to break up the next cover off of a double team Then RVD landed a spinning heel kick, but Alexander grabbed his leg and didn’t let him hit a frog splash. Mack nailed a frog splash from the other side for a two count.

Then RVD landed a kick from the top rope on Swann. Rhino clotheslined Alexander out of the ring, but Mack hit a dropkick on Rhino as people were chanting for the “gore.” Mack then hit a dive over the top rope on several people.

Page hit a Gorilla press on Swann from the top followed by a swanton for a two count. Then Alexander tagged in, but Mack broke up their finisher. Then another pinfall was broken up by RVD. As Rhino was going to gore someone, he superkicked his own partner.

The crowd didn’t like this at all and booed him huge.

Then RVD took out Swann and Mack with kicks and he left.

Meanwhile, The North hit their finisher on Swann and won.

Winners: The North

Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji

They started this match out by testing each other’s strength. They went move for move as they ran the ropes for a bit too.

Marufuji gained control on Elgin and hit an elbow in the corner, but Michael grabbed him and sent him to the floor. Then Elgin nailed a suicide dive and a missile dropkick for a two count.

They started trading chops and then Marufuji hit a dropkick that sent Elgin outside. This was followed by Marufuji hitting a dive over the top rope. They returned to the ring and Elgin took more abuse in the corner followed by a running double stomp for a two count.

Elgin caught Marufuji’s foot off a kick and Elgin landed a forearm and then the ran the ropes into a kick from Marafuji and then a German Suplex from Elgin.

Elgin nailed a backbreaker and a falcon arrow for a two count.

They continued and Elgin nailed a knee, but Marufuji returned fire once again. Then Elgin rolled to the apron so Marafuji went out to join him. Elgin chopped at him and then Marufuji tried for a powerbomb, but Elgin reversed it only to have his reversal reversed.

Marufuji nailed sliced bread #2 on the floor and he rolled in the ring. Elgin rolled back in at the referee’s 9 count and Marafuji nailed a top rope dropkick for a two count.

Elgin tried to hit a lariat, but it was blocked. Another was blocked and then another. Finally, Elgin hit his lariat before hitting a second lariat and then he nailed a splash mountain bomb for a two count.

Elgin nailed a bucklebomb, but then Marufuji came back with three knees and he covered for a two count.

They traded some more stiff shots and this resulted Marufuji landing a ton of kicks and then Elgin picked him up and slammed him down. Then Marufuji kicked out of another lariat and an Elgin Bomb. Finally, Elgin got the win after dumping Marufuji on his head.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Jake Crist (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Ace Austin vs. Acey Romero

This match was all over the place for a while. Notable was the relationship with Daga and Blanchard in this match as they didn’t really help each other out. They fought over a ladder allowing Acey Romero to hit a dive on the ladder they were both holding.

Romero tried to climb up, but Jake Crist stopped him with a chair and then he took a splash from the big man. Jake nailed a kick and sent Acey down before trying to climb up. Ace Austin stopped him and hit a back suplex.

This match continued where Tessa and Austin fought in the corner. Ace nailed a kick, but she hit a codebreaker and a springboad dropkick that sent him to the floor. Then Acey plucked Tessa off the ladder and slammed her down.

Daga nailed a leg drop on a ladder as Romero held it and then he placed a ladder across the apron and barricade. Daga got a table next and set it up too. Crist hit a baseball slide that put Daga on the table. Then Crist climbed up top and Austn hit him with a ladder and wedged the ladder on the ropes. Tessa climbed up and she was joined by everyone else when finally Romero sent the tower of doom down.

Romero powerbombed Austin onto a ladder in the corner and then the big man set up a ladder to start climbing. He stopped and then got another ladder. He put both ladders up and climbed both of them. Crist climbed up and hit a cutter off the top of the ladder before Tessa climbed in as Daga climbed up the other side.

Ace Austin shoved their ladder down and then Daga nailed a death valley driver on Austin before Daga nailed a Canadian destroyer on Crist through the ladder on the outside.

Austin scaled the ladder that was propped in the corner and hit another dive on Daga. “This is awesome” chants started as Acey Romero set up another ladder.

Then Tessa came in and pushed the ladder down sending Romero to the outside and through a table imploding it. Tessa set up the ladder and started to climb up. She hit a dive on Dave Crist on the outside, but Fulton came in and jumped her.

Fulton got a table and put it in the ring. Tessa climbed up. She called him a “motherf*cker” and hit a rana on him. Then Jake Crist jumped in the ring and he went through the table. Suddenly, Ace Austin whacked Tessa with his baton and got the win.

Winner: Ace Austin NEW X Division Champion

Tessa cried after the match was over.

Ken Shamrock vs Moose

Shamrock looked RIPPED.

They got nose to nose and started slugging it out early on. Shamrock brought Moose down to the mat and tried for an armbar. Moose lifted him up, but Shamrock wrapped his leg and then Moose got to the bottom rope.

Moose nailed an elbow to the eye and Shamrock put Moose on the floor. Then Ken Shamrock nailed a dive over the top rope to Moose.

Shamrock no-sold two chops, but Moose racked his eyes to gain control. Then Shamrock blocked a suplex and Moose went running at him right into a back body drop on the ramp.

Shamrock locked on a submission hold and Moose got out. Then Shamrock got back in the ring to hit another plancha to the floor. Shamrock rolled Moose back into the ring and then Frank Trigg held Shamrock’s leg. Moose took advantage of this by hitting a dropkick when he wasn’t looking.

Then Trigg cut the turnbuckle off of one of the corners. Shamrock and Moose both teased taking a bump into the exposed turnbuckle. Shamrock hit a rana and a belly to belly before latching on an Ankle Lock. Moose pulled the referee into Shamrock and now there is no official.

Moose hit a low blow on Shamrock. Trigg threw in a chair. Shamrock ducked a chair shot and threw Moose into the corner. Then he latched on an ankle lock, but Moose got to the bottom rope only to get pulled back away. Moose teased tapping out and then Trigg went into the ring. Shamrock punched Trigg and then Moose hit a pump kick.

They sold the previous moves and Ken Shamrock stepped to the side and Moose hit the floor. Then Shamrock latched on another Ankle Lock before Moose rolled out of the Ankle Lock hat sent Shamrock into the exposed turnbuckle.

Moose hit a spear and won the match.

Winner: Moose

Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan

This match got started very quickly by Cage taking the fight to Callihan. Sami spit on Cage and then Brian bit him in the face.

“F*ck you, bitch!” Callihan said before Cage knocked him back down with a clothesline. Callihan was already busted open. Cage got his Wolverine claw and then he cut Callihan’s head wide open. That was hard to watch.

Callihan put Cage on the apron and then knocked him down. Then Sami nailed a dive onto Cage before sending him back to the ring and then Cage hit a dive to the floor on Sami before Sami hit another dive.

Then Brian Cage returned fire with another flipping dive over the top rope. Finally, Callihan started selling while Cage grabbed a chair and whacked a ring post. Callihan grabbed the chair and hit him across the back. Cage’s lip was split open badly too.

Then Cage powerbombed Callihan onto the ring post. This was brutal.

Callihan hit a dive off the ring steps and took Cage down. Sami set up two chairs and then Cage suplexed Callihan onto a table twice to make sure it broke.

Cage grabbed the guardrail and placed it across the steps and the two chairs that were set up. Cage set Callihan up for a powerbomb, but Sami hit a claw on Brian’s junk and he hit a Cactus Jack piledriver on the guardrail.

“That was murder” chant broke out in the crowd as Sami whacked Cage with a chair some more.

The blood kept flowing from Sami’s forehead as they returned to the ring. Brian Cage’s lip was mangled as well. Then Callihan nailed a kick and a running boot.

Cage put Callihan in the corner and he suplexed Sami into the ring from the apron. Cage nailed a running elbow and a German suplex. Callihan landed on his feet off an F5 only to eat another pump handle slam for a two count.

They ran the ropes a bit and Cage jumped up so Callihan caught him right into a death valley driver for another two count.

Callihan reversed Cage’s attempt at a power move on the apron to hit a draping piledriver for a two count. Sami geared himself up, but then Cage caught him with an F5 for a long two count.

Cage threw the guardrail into the ring and propped it up in the corner. Then Cage tried to powerbomb him into the guardrail, but they moved to top rope and Sami bit his face.

Cage blocked a sunset powerbomb only to take one through the railing anyway. Sami covered for another 2 1/2 count.

Then Sami got a bag from under the ring. He poured out a ton of thumbtacks next. Then Sami hit a piledriver on the thumbtacks, but Cage kicked out at one.

Cage hit a powerbomb and a Drill Claw on the tacks for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

Melissa Santos came down to celebrate at the end and she didn’t seem to mind his busted lip as they kissed in the ring.

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