Reby Hardy Roasts Hater For Claiming She Got Botox While Pregnant

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Reby Hardy is never one to sit back and let someone run their mouth. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a fan or her sister-in-law.

One fan felt it was within their rights to tweet out: “Reby Hardy needs to lay off the Botox. She will look like Jack Nicklaus’ joker in about 10 more years. Always smiling and sh*t.”

Reby Hardy saw this dig and she had to set the record straight.

Botox lasts 3 months & I’m almost full term pregnant; do the math, this is my fucking face. Just admit u a trolling asshole who wanna body shame a random woman on the internet instead of relying on played out bOtOx “jokes”. I’m ugly, but at least I got the balls to show my face

It should be noted that according to Harper’s Bazaar, “There is no clinical evidence suggesting that Botox is unsafe to get during pregnancy.” Still, Reby Hardy had to defend herself and she did so with furious vengeance.

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