Vince McMahon Embarrassing WWE Superstar On Television Because He Likes Him

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WWE has a lot of Superstars on their roster and they can’t all be favorites of Vince McMahon. Sometimes that can bring the wrong kind of attention.

Chad Gable might be called “Shorty Gable” from now on and Vince McMahon loves it, pal.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon likes Chad Gable. That won’t keep him from writing a storyline that knocks him for being short.

“It’s to pop Vince, it’s to pop Vince. Vince thinks this whole thing — and that’s the funny part because Vince likes Chad Gable and he thinks this is is getting him over and this makes Vince laugh.”

Vince McMahon has his own special kind of humor and we’re seeing it by making fun of Chad Gable’s height. Gable is a superior pro wrestler and is willing to do anything asked of him. If that means he needs to be reminded on a constant basis that he’s not the tallest guy then so be it.

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