John Cena Possibly Teases WWE Fox SmackDown Appearance

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John Cena is always busy with one movie after another, but he can always find the time to tease his return, if only for one night.

The Bumblebee star is known for posting strange things to Instagram that people need to crack like an elaborate code sometimes. He recently uploaded the picture of a Rolex watch that has many fans scratching their heads.

The hands of the watch are pointing to 4 and 10 with two more hands pointing at 20 and 16.

Since Friday Night SmackDown’s debut on Fox is the 20th Anniversary that could explain the 20. Of course 10/4 is the date of the event. Also, John Cena has 16 World Title reigns under his belt and that just so happens to be the other number that is being pointed to.

We’ll have to see if anything comes of this, but it certainly has a lot of fans thinking that we might be seeing John Cena this Friday.

If anything, Cena could have simply been telling fans to “watch” the show this Friday, October 4th.

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