Former WWE Superstar Simon Gotch Is Apparently In Bad Shape

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Pro wrestling can take a lot out of someone, especially those in the ring.

When Simon Grimm was a WWE Superstar he was afforded some time off when injuries occur. Now that he’s on the indies that luxury apparently isn’t there.

While promoting an upcoming match he has against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, the former Simon Gotch listed off the injuries he has sustained withing the past seven months that he kept working though.

compressed nerve cluster

numbness in hand and arm

zero grip strength

huge elbow bursitis

separated shoulder

This list of injuries is quite troubling especially considering that something like “zero grip strength” could be an indication of a much more problematic injury.

Hopefully, Simon Grimm will feel much better very soon, but time off could be the answer that he just can’t afford at the present moment.

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