WWE Superstar’s In-Ring Career Really Might Be Over

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Jason Jordan had a good run as a tag team wrestler in both NXT and briefly on the main roster. He is also Kurt Angle’s son. Unfortunately, his career came to a very sudden end.

Jordan suffered a neck injury and needed surgery. His injury was corrected, but he never made a return to the ring. Now he is working as a producer in WWE, but he is not wrestling at all.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter addressed Jason Jordan’s status. He is really not expected to return at this point, although, you can never say never.

Jason Jordan, who also gets asked about, is less likely to return. You never say never, but in his case, it wasn’t looking good and there has been in the past the feeling that his career could be over

It is a very sad situation, but at least Jason Jordan was able to translate all of the education that he gained as part of NXT for years to other areas of the business.

It’s unfortunate that he might never wrestle again, but at least he isn’t risking his health by continuing an extremely risky career in the ring.

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