Alexa Bliss Reveals How She Failed At Being A WWE Ring Announcer

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Alexa Bliss has played many different roles in WWE. She’s been a manager in NXT, an authority figure on RAW, and she’s held all three major women’s titles on the WWE main roster. Don’t expect her to be announcing anyone as they make their way to the ring any time soon.

Bliss recently spoke to TV Insider where she told the story about how she got started in FCW before NXT was even a thing.

When she was first feeling things out, they tried a few things for her at local FCW live shows. One of those roles was as ring announcer, but that did not work out at all.

“I felt like it was more of a test to see if I would freeze up. It went well,” Bliss said. “I started hosting the show for a while. Then I moved to ring announcing, which I did for only a very short time because my memory is horrendous. I couldn’t remember the names and weights and where they were from. It was my second or third week there, It was not my forte.” 

Alexa Bliss is very good on the microphone, but remembering names, weights, and locations can get a bit confusing. She certainly found another role in the company even if her career as a ring announcer was short-lived.

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