Possible Reason Why WWE Moved King Of The Ring Finals

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WWE has been plugging the King Of The Ring tournament for over a month, but now they suddenly changed the date of the finals.

It was announced at the end of last night’s SmackDown that the finals will take place on Monday’s Raw broadcast from Knoxville, Tennessee. Of course, that is not what WWE’s social media team put out there which confused a lot of fans.

This change is official which means the King Of The Ring final match is not on Clash Of Champions anymore.

When asked why this change was made, Dave Meltzer simply pointed to the fact that the Clash Of Champions card already has twelve matches, therefore, cutting one seemed like a good idea.

Show would have had 12 matches, so cutting one is a good idea.

It is rather interesting that after Elias was injured that WWE switched the KOTR final match from Clash Of Champions this Sunday to the following Monday on RAW. Let’s just see how much attention it gets from this point on, but if the idea dwindles then Elias could have possibly been the purpose of this tournament.

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