Kurt Angle Starts Full-Time Job With WWE

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WWE has a lot of very talented people backstage. At any moment one might notice someone that used to thrill them with their work in the ring. Now they help orchestrate those matches appearing on WWE’s programs every week from behind the scenes.

Kurt Angle has started a role as a full-time producer with WWE according to PW Insider. This is something that he has been getting used to since having his final match at WrestleMania 35.

Angle certainly knows WWE very well and how to put a match together. Now we will see what he can do in the position.

It appears that he has started full-time. This means that Angle will have a direct hand in some of the action we see in the ring.

We might even see him appear in a pull-apart angle if they need him. After all, backstage producers are great for that role during the show so we can get a look at Adam Pearce and others who now have backstage roles in WWE.


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