Enzo Amore Says There’s Nothing Better Than Staying Home On Monday Nights

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Enzo Amore captured a little bit of attention for himself last night when he trolled fans about possibly showing up for WWE Raw in Madison Square Garden. WWE obviously didn’t want him showing up.

Not only did WWE alert security about Enzo Amore’s possible presence, but they apparently handed out some visual representation of Amore as well.

It’s always good to be prepared, but Enzo Amore apparently wasn’t really interested in showing up on Raw. He just wanted to get another rise out of people and it worked.

“Monday nights are lit!”

NZO uploaded a video saying that nothing was better than sitting home on Monday nights and watching football with his family. So it looks like all of that uproar was over nothing once again.

It will be interesting to see if Enzo Amore does ever make a WWE return, but Triple H didn’t seem too thrilled about the idea recently.


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