Lilian Garcia On Whether WWE Talked To Her About New Podcast Network

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Lilian Garcia is not just the former WWE ring announcer, but she is also a very popular podcaster as well. WWE is starting their own podcasting network so there could be an opportunity there.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Lilian Garcia opened up about WWE’s new podcasting network. She seems happy for them, but the company has not had any talks with her at this point about coming aboard.

“I congratulate WWE for that and I think they see how podcasts are growing. We’ll see what happens, but I have not had any discussions with them at all. They have been very supportive of allowing me to interview the Superstars and even having Stephanie McMahon on. Even Stephanie thanked me for having a platform for Superstars to tell their stories.”

It will be interesting to see if Lilian Garcia’s flow of top names from WWE slows down after their podcasting network kicks off. Garcia has been able to pull some incredible information out of interviews in the past so we’re hoping that continues.

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