Impact Wrestling Moving Networks After Big Buyout

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Anthem Media has purchased a majority stake in AXS TV. The company made the announcement official today and our first thought was “what will become of Impact Wrestling now?”

Impact Wrestling was on Anthem’s Pursuit Channel before, but that wasn’t working out. There were numerous problems with the network from airing the wrong episode to not airing the show at all. Thankfully, Impact Wrestling was able to sustain an audience through their Twitch streaming service.

Since Anthem Sports purchased AXS it is a huge deal for Impact Wrestling. Now this means that Impact Wrestling finally has a new television home.

PWInsider reports that with this new purchase, Impact Wrestling will finally be moving to AXS TV. They could also get a possible second show on Pursuit Network, but moving their primary show was the goal.

After everything is said and done, AXS TV will be the home of NJPW, WOW, and Impact Wrestling. That is a very pro wrestling heavy line-up but New Japan and Women of Wrestling’s shows have been doing quite well on the channel.

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