Rusev Is Apparently Taking Acting Classes During Break From WWE

Rusev quietly disappeared from WWE television, but his fans still really miss seeing him. Perhaps the next time Rusev appears on WWE television he will have a bit more polish on his acting skills.

It’s anyone’s guess what Rusev’s facial hair game will be like when he returns as he’s sported a mustache off and on a couple of times in recent memory.

While on his WWE hiatus, Rusev has apparently been taking acting classes. He was featured in a group photo uploaded by someone who claims to be studying 18 hours a week away from class in the group.

“We took a selfie to send to our acting coach so she knows we really are rehearsing 18 hrs a week outside of class.”

It looks like everyone was having a great time in the photo. We don’t have a clear look at what script they are rehearsing, but Rusev seems to have a lot of lines highlighted.