Samoa Joe Calls Out WWE Superstars’ Social Media Activity

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Social media is a wonderful thing if used correctly. Some WWE Superstars take full advantage of their position and Samoa Joe is enjoying every moment of it.

It really is interesting how some people can post pictures from different places all of the time and nobody really bats an eye. We know someone didn’t fly around the planet in a couple of hours. Samoa Joe seemed to call this out when he posted:

My morning digital routine consist of doing a quick sweep of news and social media for 10 mins then I spend the next 2 hours pondering how half my coworkers pulled off 2 location photo shoots with snap chats and stories before my tea was cool enough to drink..

WWE Superstars have to keep very busy in order to maintain a good public profile. It is a lot of work, but all of that hard work might not appear on someone’s timeline in the order they actually took place in real life.

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