Eric Bischoff Made Big Writing Hire When Taking SmackDown Job

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Eric Bischoff was appointed the Executive Director of SmackDown Live, but he reportedly hasn’t dealt much with creative. He did hire a writer who comes into WWE with a lot of clout behind him.

We previously reported that Stevie Long was caught sleeping by Michael PS Hayes during his first day in the company. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Long was actually Eric Bischoff’s first hire for the company.

One of Eric Bischoff’s first creative moves was hiring Stevie Long as a writer. Long, 47, was the star and screenwriter of “Strictly Sexual,” an independent film that topped a list of the Criterion Collection as Hulu’s Most Popular movie of all-time.

Long comes in with a lot of praise because his “Strictly Sexual” movie only cost $100,000 to make, but millions have seen it. He also wrote a highly-acclaimed episode of “Sons Of Anarchy” in the past.

If you take “Strictly Sexual” and “Sons Of Anarchy” then WWE seems to fall in-between the two in some respect.

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