Update On Kacy Catanzaro Reportedly Leaving WWE

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Kacy Catanzaro came from American Ninja Warrior to WWE where most thought she had a great future in the business, but she apparently experienced a bit of a back problem.

Reports have surfaced saying that Catanzaro is either expected to hand in her notice to WWE or she’s about ready to. Then Kacy seemed to give people hope with a very interesting tweet last night.

Brad Shepard reported on the Oh You Didn’t Know Patreon that Catanzaro might be stepping away. It is thought that she could be back after her back is healed up because the door is always open for her.

In an update, a source in WWE has now indicated to me she wants to eventually return to WWE and could begin training for that after recovering (which could possibly be a year or so). I’m told she’s very determined to get back and was told the door is always open.

Hopefully, Kacy Catanzaro will be able do what is best for her and what makes her happy. Seeing what she can do in the ring would have been a lot of fun and it’s always unfortunate when someone gets injured. She will likely always have a place in NXT which is good to hear as well.

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