NXT Possibly Getting WWE Draft

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WWE looks to be preparing for new television contracts next month by getting their rosters in order. Now it appears that NXT could get the same treatment.

We previously reported that another WWE draft is apparently coming, however, Brad Shepard has an addition to the plan. His source in WWE has also opened up the possibility of including NXT in the fun this time around.

The #WWE draft confirms the end of the wild card rule, as I reported weeks ago. I’ve confirmed the draft dates for #RAW and #FridayNightSmackDown, which John Pollock reported. Although I’m told the draft may actually start on the October 9th episode of NXT – TBD.

Holding the NXT draft on AEW’s second week on TNT could be a really smart move. Fans could be much more likely to change the channel on the second week rather than their debut episode.

Including NXT in the draft would certainly put out the feeling of a third brand equal to the others. NXT isn’t just developmental anymore because now that it’s on the USA Network they will play a very important piece the the puzzle during the Wednesday Night Wars.

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