CM Punk’s Starrcast III appearance was a great success. He did not return to pro wrestling, but he definitely gave everyone plenty to think about.

After Punk was shocked by learning about WWE’s new vacation policy, he opened up to the crowd about the current Wednesday Night Wars. He advised fans to not let anyone trick them into thinking it is one or the other, because fans can enjoy everything.

“Realize that you can watch all of the sh*t that’s out there. Don’t let either company trick you into thinking it’s an us vs them thing, just enjoy the wrestling. Whether it’s WWE or AEW or NXT you guys don’t have to choose, you can f*cking watch it all. That’s rad.”

CM Punk wasn’t around for the Monday Night Wars, but he is now a spectator during the Wednesday Night version.


It is truly a different time than it was back then as well. With the birth of DVR and other streaming services it makes it possible for pro wrestling fans to watch everything out there.

The Second City Savior doesn’t think fans need to pick a side because they should just enjoy the wrestling.

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