WWE Hiring More Writers For NXT Brand

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NXT will debut on the USA Network starting on September 18th. This will be a big change because it also means that the show will be two hours long.

WWE likes to have their segments tightly scripted and it doesn’t appear that strategy is going to change any time soon. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE is “looking at adding to the writing staff” for NXT.

WWE will be presenting a show on the USA Network at the same time as AEW’s TNT show. These two shows will have a lot of differences in terms of presentation.

AEW will be letting their wrestlers cut promos with only a few bullet points to hit, however, NXT will be presenting a tightly scripted WWE-style promo where the Superstars are expected to hit every word as it is written for them.

As far as a head-to-head show battle each week, it will be a completely word-for-word scripted WWE style show against an old school version of segments laid out but not complete scripting

The Wednesday Night Wars will be a very interesting time in pro wrestling history. We really can’t wait to see how everything plays out in the end. It appears that the big debate on what kind of promo style is better could finally be answered.

WWE will need more writers either way because they are doubling the amount of weekly NXT product.

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