Trish Stratus Says She Passed The Torch To Charlotte Flair

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Trish Status and Charlotte Flair battled in a Summerslam match that left few disappointed. However, it was Stratus’ final match as she claims.

Just one week later, the WWE Hall Of Famer released an emotional message on social media. She praised Charlotte Flair and discussed passing the torch to her.

Although the prevailing rumor is that Trish wants one more match in WWE, it didn’t sound like she made any indication of that in this message.

One week ago I stepped into the ring for what at first was my comeback match… but slowly realized was my farewell match, a passing of the proverbial torch if you will.
It was an honour and a privilege to step into the ring with @charlottewwe, one of the very best of her era, a total pro.
Feeling immense gratitude to the current roster of woman who allowed me to dip my toes into their current waters. In the beginning of my career, I set out to knock down the preconceived notion of what a female could do in this male oriented business and the current roster of ladies represent everything we dreamed of. If we laid the platform, you all have built a friggin skyscraper and we all couldn’t be prouder!
And now I get to sit back and watch my girls (tagged #smackdownlive) continue to take the women’s division to new heights….

Trish Stratus was able to make a return and end her career on her own terms. That is a very rare thing which few are able to do.

Even if Trish Stratus never comes back for another match at least she can be certain that her final match was a very important one as she definitely left with the business as a better place because was a part of it.

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