WWE SmackDown Live Results – August 13th, 2019

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Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens

Before this match started it was announced that Elias is the special guest enforcer for the match. Out came Elias in a referee shirt.

Joe took the offense to Owens to start off the match, but Kevin came back with a clothesline. Then Joe went out side and Elias got in his way. The story here is that Owens can’t hit Elias as a referee because he doesn’t want another fine.

Kevin Owens fired back with a dropkick from the top rope on Joe before hitting a senton and he got a two count. Then Joe regained control of the match and they went to the top rope where Joe tried to superplex Owens, but KO fought back and he hit a senton off the top rope instead.

Joe avoided a Stunner and then Owens hit a pop up powerbomb. Elias pulled the real referee out of the ring and then he got in the ring as Joe rolled KO up and Elias counted an incredibly fast three count for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan and Rowan walked to the dressing room and told everyone to get out except for Buddy Murphy. This is becoming a trend.

They sat Murphy down and they told him that they know he lied, they understand why he lied, he just needs to admit how he lied. Daniel Bryan got right up in Buddy’s face screaming to tell everybody that he lied.

Murphy cracked a smile and Rowan beat the living crap out of him. A table was taken out in the process. Then Rowan held Murphy against the wall while Bryan screamed at him telling him to admit that he lied.

“I lied! I lied!” Murphy screamed and then Rowan let him go. Then Rowan roughed him up again for good measure after Bryan said, “Man I really just hate liars.”

New Day vs The Revival

Randy Orton came out and he cut a promo on Kofi about how Kingston can’t beat him. He said Kofi wasn’t ready then and he’s not ready now. He ran away from a fight at Summerslam in front of his family. Then he said one day his kids will ask him why he ran away from “that big bad scary man” and he will look them in the eyes and say “I can’t beat Randy Orton.”

Then Orton suggested he and Kofi join in. Okay, that sounded good.

New Day vs Revival & Randy Orton

Kofi started, but Orton tagged out to Dawson instead of mixing it up with Kingston. Then Kofi lit Scott up with multiple dropkicks. Then Woods tagged in and so did Wilder.

They wrestled for a bit until Dawson took the tag again and he saved his partner from Woods getting all heated up on him. The Revival tagged in and out on Woods while working on Xavier’s arm, but Randy didn’t get involved in the match.

Orton finally took a tag and he bounced Woods off the announce table on the outside. Dawson tagged back in, but Woods kept taking abuse.

Big E finally got the tag and he came in all fired up. E took out everyone in his path until he tagged in Kofi. The Revival took out Big E with a DDT and then Kofi hit a boom drop on Wilder. Kingston turned his attention to Orton on the outside and hit a dive on him.

Woods took a tag and fought one-armed against Wilder. Dawson took a tag and they hit the Shatter Machine and won the match.

Winners: The Revival & Randy Orton

After the match was over, The Revival stuck around and tried to destroy Big E’s knee, but Kofi came in with a Trouble In Paradise. Then Orton hit an RKO outta nowhere.

Then Orton eyed Woods and picked him up to hit an RKO on Xavier before The Revival picked Big E up to hit him with an RKO too.

Then Orton picked up Kofi to hit another RKO on him for good measure. They played Randy Orton’s music and the first SmackDown after Summerslam ended with the New Day laid out on the mat.


Daniel Bryan and Rowan were backstage. Then Roman Reigns walked in. Daniel Bryan told him to apologize. Because Roman apologized to Samoa Joe. However, Roman Reigns didn’t say anything.

Then Daniel Bryan said that they’ve been conducting their own investigation and they know who did it. Next week… they’ll bring him the culprit. We can’t wait.

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