Scott Hall Says ‘Not A Chance’ He’ll Go To AEW

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Scott Hall is a WWE Hall Of Famer and the company has treated him pretty well. So, he’s not going to risk things with Vince McMahon’s company to go to AEW for anything.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Hall was asked if he would be one of Chris Jericho’s mystery partners during AEW’s TNT debut. This was an obvious allusion to how he and Kevin Nash broke the pro wrestling world wide open as The Outsiders “invading” WCW after leaving WWE back in the day.

He didn’t mix words at all with his answer. Because Scott Hall knows who’s been paying him for so many years so he’s not doing anything directly involved with AEW. Signings and appearances at Starrcast is another issue, but he doesn’t want to step foot in an AEW ring because he’s loyal to WWE.

“No, not a chance for me at all. I’m loyal to WWE and am still under contract with them. I do signings and appearances connected to them, but I’m not associated with AEW. I wish those guys luck but as far as any kind of professional relationship, I’m loyal to WWE.”

It is good to know that Scott Hall is remaining loyal to WWE. The fact that he’s such good friends with Triple H probably makes it easier to remain faithful as well, but you have to know if that obligation wasn’t there then those bright AEW lights might be hard to pass up.

Cody Rhodes recently said that AEW has only revealed about 40% of their roster, but at least we know Scott Hall isn’t one of those unrevealed wrestlers.

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