WWE SummerSlam 2019 Results

We see Kofi Kingston backstage and in walks Big E and Xavier Woods – the latter of which is sporting cornrows. Big E says 2019 will be remembered as the year the Toronto Raptors won it all but tonight they’ve called in a good luck charm for Kofi Kingston; Drake. Of course…it’s Drake Maverick, pretending to be a rapper – and frankly he’s better than Drake. Maverick gets annoyed because they promised him R-Truth was going to be there, so he leaves.

United States Championship

(C) AJ Styles Vs. Ricochet

The match gets underway and Ricochet comes out hot, whipping AJ to the corners and delivering forearms. Ricochet is wearing a full bodysuit to look like Nightwing. Ricochet knocks AJ from the ring, then goes to the apron and runs on the shoulders of both Anderson and Gallows to deliver a hurricanrana to AJ!

Back in the ring, AJ dodges Ricochet in the corner and starts attacking his leg. Ricochet fires back and turns to hit the ropes but AJ kicks his leg. AJ zeroes in on that leg, slamming it into the mat before applying a submission to it. Styles slows things down and wraps the leg around the bottom rope and pulls it. Ricochet eventually creates some distance with an enziguiri.

Ricochet delivers a right hand, then a few more, followed by headscissors. AJ throws Ricochet to the apron and the high-flyer connects with a kick. Ricochet then springboards off the ropes on one leg and hits a clothesline for a two count.

Ricochet takes control of the match. He goes up top and hits a sunset flip for a two count. AJ kicks the leg out from Ricochet again, then tosses him from the ring. Styles lands a baseball slide and knocks him to the floor. Styles gets Ricochet back in the ring and lifts him up for a slam. Ricochet fights back by landing some shots in the corner, but Styles turns the tables and slams him into the corner. Ricochet’s knee gave out as he looked for a rolling DDT but he ends-up hitting him with a leaping kick for a two count.

Ricochet’s knee gives out again and AJ locks-in the Calf Crusher. Ricochet manages to counter into the Anaconda Vice but Styles knees his way out. Ricochet hits a northern lights suplex, followed by a twisting suplex for a near-fall. Anderson and Gallows try to interfere, so Ricocet hits a moonsault from the apron. Ricochet then goes up top but AJ shoves him.

Styles then climbs the ropes but Ricochet knocks him off. Ricochet leaps for the 450 but AJ gets to his feet and catches him in mid-air, then hits the Styles Clash for the win!

Winner AJ Styles

The good brothers celebrate their win after the match but then Anderson and Gallows hit the Magic Killer to Ricochet.