Roman Reigns Defends Goldberg & The Undertaker’s Match In Saudi Arabia

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Goldberg and The Undertaker wrestled at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, but it was a match that many people ended up trolling relentlessly.

While speaking to ESPN, Roman Reigns came to The Undertaker and Goldberg’s defense. He explained the environment was unique and incredibly hot as well. Therefore, the two legends did everything they could given the circumstances.

“First of all, it was so cool. It was unfortunate what happened out there in the desert [against Goldberg in Saudi Arabia]. It was a tough situation. It was hot as hell out there. Those guys aren’t in the ring all the time. You have to have your wrestling legs under you. Even when I miss a few live events, I can feel it. This is one of those things, the more you do it, the better you are, the better off you are, the better you feel in the ring.”

Fans learned a lot by watching The Undertaker vs Goldberg in Saudi Arabia. One thing that was quite apparent was the fact that not every dream match needs to happen, especially twenty years too late.

Roman Reigns seemed to emphasize with the two pro wrestling legends. Because after all, he was also wrestling in that same ring so he knows how different those conditions were in Saudi Arabia.

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