WWE heads to the Little Caeasars Arena in Detroit, MI for tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live. Below are the focus points.

Kevin Owens invites Shane McMahon to “The Kevin Owens Show”

Kevin Owens is risking his career this Sunday at SummerSlam, where if he does not defeat Shane McMahon, he will quit WWE. It appears KO is going to lay all his cards out on the table just five nights before The Biggest Event of The Summer, as he has invited “The Best in The World” to appear on “The Kevin Owens Show.”

What will happen when these two rivals are under the same roof ahead of SummerSlam?

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to respond to Randy Orton in exclusive interview

Last week on SmackDown LIVE, Randy Orton declared that WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was “stupid, stupid, stupid” for challenging him to a match at SummerSlam, before declaring he’d be taking the title this Sunday.


Tonight, the WWE Champion will respond to The Viper in an exclusive interview. What will Kingston have to say just five nights before this huge showdown?

Who tried to run down Roman Reigns?

Nearly a week after barely avoiding disaster when a forklift mishap resulted in him almost being crushed by steal beams and scaffolding on SmackDown LIVE, Roman Reigns apparently learned that it’s looking less likely that his recent misfortunes are accidental.

Samoa Joe, furious that he was accused of orchestrating the attack on Reigns, sought out The Big Dog in the arena parking lot. The Samoan Shark seemingly had his name cleared in shocking fashion, as a speeding car rocketed past Joe and collided with Reigns’ ride as he was exiting. The Big Dog was shaken up, but WWE.com learned that he narrowly avoided permanent injury and has been released to appear for SmackDown LIVE.

Though Reigns may be fine, the shocking incident has left the WWE Universe asking who would attack The Big Dog and why. Will we discover any more information on SmackDown LIVE?

Will Aleister Black respond to Sami Zayn’s challenge?

Aleister Black dared another Superstar to pick a fight with him last week. Sami Zayn answered the call, promising to ruin The Dutch Destroyer’s mystique at SummerSlam. Will Black have any response to The Critic of The Critics?

Is Charlotte Flair ready for Trish Stratus?

Charlotte Flair demanded a spot on the SummerSlam card, then went out and forced her way onto the show, challenging WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus to a battle at The Biggest Event of The Summer.

With Stratus accepting the challenge, how will these two Superstars prepare for a showdown between generations? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Check back here at 8PM ET for our live play-by-play coverage.

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