WWE Superstars Throw Shade At MJF

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MJF is the Salt Of The Earth, but he’s not immune to teasing. This is especially true when you’re talking about WWE Superstars.

Friedman recently posted a selfie of himself while looking in the mirror. He attached something that someone apparently asked him which was: “How do you even look at yourself in the mirror.”

This photo was meant to show off MJF’s physique, but it kind of backfired on him. Because a couple of WWE Superstars noticed and decided to do some trolling.

Tony Nese replied to MJF’s post asking: “How hard are you sucking in there?” Then Cedric Alexander chimed in by saying: “#BodyGuyHeat”

For the record, MJF didn’t find this teasing funny in the slightest, but why would he? It’s still great that these guys are at least on speaking terms enough to rip on each other.

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