Sometimes it’s impossible to know what happened in someone’s past until they open up about it. Sexual abuse isn’t limited to women as some men grow up with the trauma of being sexually abused as well. This is a tragic set of circumstances, but former WWE Superstar and Lucha Underground announcer Matt Striker is now speaking out about his experience.

Matt Striker recently opened up to The Roman Show about his story of sexual abuse. He explained that these are very personal experiences which is why he hasn’t shared them before, but there is no shame in being sexually abused despite the years of mental torture he went through even after the physical abuse was over.

“There’s a lot of things that happened in my life that I don’t share because they are mine, but if I can ever speak about experiences to help people I am not a shame to say right now I was sexually abused, when I was nine years old by a stranger. I struggle with depression. I struggle with social anxiety. When I am not Matt Striker I am the quietest person in the world, but the thing is this, either you give it the power to beat you or you beat it.” 

This is heartbreaking to hear, but thankfully, Striker was able to overcome this obstacle. Now he can use his status as a public figure to hopefully help others who might share the same unfortunate situation.


Thanks to WrestleZone for the quote

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