WWE Raw Results – July 22, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ results for Monday Night Raw!

Of course tonight is the big Raw Reunion show, meaning legends from every era of WWE will be present during Raw. We have no idea what any of these legends will be doing but we do know there are several dozen of them scheduled, meaning tonight’s Raw will be more of a nostalgia trip than a proper episode. Expect the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, D-X, and so many more.

Other than the legends, WWE is teasing Seth Rollins gearing-up to face Brock Lesnar, A Moment of Bliss with Becky Lynch, and more development in the feud between Ricochet and The Club. We also know Mick Foley has been teasing going after the 24/7 Championship, so hopefully old Mick can trick R-Truth into snatching a victory.

And that’s the preview for this special episode of Monday Night Raw. Sure, it may be a ratings grab but who cares? It’s always great to see the legends and it makes for a nice change of pace. So remember to follows us on Instagram and Twitter, download the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw live from Tampa, Florida opens with John Cena coming to the ring to a massive reaction from the fans.

Cena makes his way to the ring and it’s so weird to think that he really is essentially retired. Cena grabs a microphone and says it’s great to be in Tampa for the Raw Reunion. He says he could not miss this show because everyone is going to be here and he name-checks a few Stars. He says this is his home, and not just because he literally lives down the street, but because WWE will always be his home. John says he isn’t around as much as he used to be but this is where his heart is and we are all his family. Cena says he is as excited to be here today as he was on day one. So without further ado it’s time to get some energy in the building and out come The Uso’s.

They come down to the ring shouting, “Whoa!” Did Cena just say, “Day One?” Jimmy says we’ve got John Cena in the building, to which Jey asks what would make RAW Reunion even more lit is The Uso’s and John Cena dropping some rhymes right now. The fans chant “yes” but Cena shakes his head and goes leaves the ring to the boos of the fans. The Uso’s say the crowd came to see the Doctor. Who is this? Jey says this is John Cena, the cat that left us for the movie business. Cena gets back in the ring and readies himself.

Cena says, he respects them for calling him out, then pokes fun at Jimmy for getting arrested. Jimmy Usos gives a shout-out to Hillsborough County jail. Cena asks the fans to make some noise, then says he’s gotta bounce and turns to leave, however The Uso’s hold him up say he can’t leave yet because their father is in the house!

Rikishi comes to the ring, dancing along the way. Cena shakes his hand and leaves the ring but Rikishi tells him to get his back in the ring, with all due respect. Rikishi says you can’t have John Cena, The Uso’s, and Riksihi in the ring without bustin’ a move. So all four of them line-up to start a dance but The Revival’s music hits.

The Tag Team Champions, Dash and Dawson, start walking to the ring but then The Dudley Boyz’s music hits. D-Von Dudley comes out and he’s joining The Revival for a six-man tag, after the break!

Hulk Hogan is talking with Jimmy Hart backstage. Hogan says he’s in his hometown and feels like he can beat anyone up. Hogan names some names and tells Hart to take his pick, then we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and Booker T is joining the Raw commentary team for this match. Cena is gone.

The Revival W/D-Von Dudley Vs. The Uso’s W/Rikishi

The match begins with Scott Dawson and Jey Uso. Dawson takes a headlock and takes Jey down to the mat. The Uso fights back and hits Dawson with a back body drop, then Dash runs in and he gets one as well.

Jimmy tags in and splashes Dawson in the corner, then hits a snapmare for a two count. Jimmy applies a side headlock, but Dawson shoots him off, then lifts Jimmy and drops him on the top rope. Dash Wilder is tagged and they hit a double-team guillotine catapult for a near fall.

Dawson tags back in and attacks Jimmy while mocking Rikishi at ringside. The Revival make use of quick tags to keep Uso isolated. Jimmy goes to the top rope, Dash runs at him on the apron but gets kicked, however Dawson pushes Uso off to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Jey punching Dawson. Wilder tags in and hits Jey with a snapmare into a headlock. Jey fights to his feet, but gets kicked and Dawson tags in. Scott runs but Jey sidesteps him and tags Jimmy.

Jimmy comes in hot and hits a Samoan Drop to Dawson. Wilder tags in and rolls him up for the win, but Jimmy kicks out. Dawson tags in, and The Revival hits a double-team German Suplex/uppercut for a near fall.

Jey takes Wilder out of the ring. D-Von Dudley approaches Jey on the outside but Rikishi walks up to him They talk trash, leading to Dawson talking trash to Rikishi. Dawson turns around and right into a superkick. Jimmy goes up top and looks for a splash while Jey connects with a superkick. The Usos then hit a splash for the win.

Winners: The Uso’s

Still to come, A Moment of Bliss with Becky Lynch, as well as Seth Rollins Vs. AJ Styles.

We see Alicia Fox backstage with Dana Brooke and Kaitlyn. She’s asking them how she can get a hat that stands 30 feet high for SummerSlam. Torrie Wilson then appears behind them and hugs Foxy. Santino Marella walks-up and joins them, saying Torrie looks delicious. Wilson asks how Santino’s sister is, who he used to act as. Foxy asks how his “little friend” is, and he pauses for a moment, before realising she meant his Cobra. He holds the Cobra up and rubs it all over Foxy and Wilson, who are uncomfortable. Drew McIntyre walks up and looks at them before saying “legends?”, then shakes his head and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live for an interview with R-Truth. We see a video of R-Truth on the IGN stage at San Diego Comic-Con. While Trush was being interviewed The Hurricane showed-up and tried to pin him for the 24/7 Championship. Truth kicked out, so Hurricane just shouted “what’s up with that?” and ran off. Then Drake Maverick appeared in a banana suit and tried to pin him but failed. We go back to the live arena, where Drake Maverick’s wife appears and tells Truth he should be ashamed for how he’s treated Maverick. Carmella gets in her face but it’s a distraction because Maverick rolls-up Truth for the win! Drake Maverick is the 24/7 Champion. Truth and Carmella chase Maverick and his wife. The Godfather walks up to Charly Caruso and says it’s time for the ho-train, then they dance.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring for a rematch against Cedric Alexander, after feeling embarrassed about last week. Before the match can even begin, McIntyre runs out of the ring and tries to attack Alexander. Cedric ducks him but McIntyre shoves him into the steel steps. Drew looks to run into him but nobody’s home. Alexander hits Drew with a moonsault to the floor. Drew fights back and throws him into the ring post like a rag doll. McIntyre then punches him down and rams him into the barricade, before hitting him with the reverse Alabama Slam into the ring apron!

The Viking Raiders will be in action, next!

*Commercial Break*

Drake Maverick is in the locker room, breathing heavy and looking all around. He opens up a foot locker to find it full of worms. Suddenly The Boogeyman appears beside him and the lights go red. Boogeyman says he’s coming to get Maverick, who runs and falls over. The lights return to normal, implying Boogeyman is gone. Pat Patterson walks in and asks what the hell is going on. He then kicks Maverick a few times and pins him to become the new Champion! Pat Patterson is the 24/7 Champion.

Christian has joined the commentary team and Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.

The Viking Raiders Vs. Hawkins & Ryder

The match begins with Zack Ryder and Erik. Ryder punches him to the corner, then Hawkins and Ryder hit stereo dropkicks to Ivar. Ryder tags Hawkins and they hit a double-team Russian leg sweep for a two count. Ryder tags back in and gets beat down by Erik, who then tags Ivar.

Ivar slams Ryder, then connects with some forearms. Christian says he wouldn’t have wanted to face The Viking Raiders during his hey-day. Erik makes the tag and body-slams Ivar onto Ryder. Hawkins tags in but Ivar jumps over him and drops him with a clothesline. Erik lifts Ivar and runs him into Hawkins.

Hawkins and Ryder toll to the outside, but Ivar hits them with a suicide dive. Erik is tagged in and they hit The Viking Experience for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

We see a bunch of the legends backstage talking and Mike Kanellis is talking to Eve Torres. Maria walks in and is angry. Mike says he was just telling Eve that she’s pregnant and Eve could give her some tips. Eric Bischoff then appears and says if they want they can come to SmackDown Live. Maria ignores them and says that Mike was supposed to be rubbing gel all over her belly and says she is the breadwinner. That if she doesn’t provide for the child nobody will, then storms off. Ron Simmons walks in and grabs Jimmy Hart’s microphone, before yelling damn at Mike.

*Commercial Break*

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