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Shane McMahon is hosting a big Town Hall so that should be fun. Every SmackDown Superstar is supposed to be there. Let’s see if Kevin Owens crashes his party.

Daniel Bryan is slated to make a career-altering announcement tonight as well. It has nothing to do with him retiring, but the story is certainly changing for Bryan.

The Kabuki Warriors will have a chance to take the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles off of The IIconics. Let’s just see how that one turns out. With Royce and Kay being exceptional heels they might be able to slip away once again.


Also, Ember Moon is going to see if she has a friend who can help her face Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Opening Segment

They started off with a video package about Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon’s angle from last week’s show.

They showed Shane McMahon from earlier today. Shane was with some “security” and he was instructing them to help with KO. Then Owens came in and Shane talked about the Town Hall and said he will listen to any Superstars, but KO needs to be respectful.

Owens said he works for WWE and not Shane. Then Shane said he’s part of the McMahon family so he’s Kevin’s boss. Then he gave him the night off. The crowd booed as Owens left.

Town Hall

The entire blue brand roster was on the entrance including Liv Morgan who finally found herself on SmackDown.

McMahon said he’s welcome to listen to anything people have to say as long as they’re respectful. He asked who would like to go first and nobody moved until Roman Reigns finally took the mic.

Roman said nobody respect him and “as far as diplomacy, you can kiss my ass.” Shane then said he was fining Roman and he’ll deal with him later. Then Shane invited Charlotte Flair to the mic.

Flair started kissing up to Shane and said “thank you” from one family to another. She said that the McMahon family has been gracious to her since the day she was born.

Then Liv Morgan walked up to the other mic and asked Charlotte to quit being a phony and asked if there is anything real about her. Flair asked Morgan if she even works there until KO “belched” it out of his mouth last week. Morgan started saying it’s because people like her that she’s not on television and they cut her off.

Then Buddy Murphy was invited to the mic and he said he didn’t need KO to fight his battles. He said Owens needs to keep his name out of his mouth or he’ll slap it out. Then Shane invited Apollo Crews to the mic.

Then Crews said everyone including himself agrees with what KO said. Zelina said her and Andrade don’t appreciate what Apollo is doing by kissing up to the fans. This was like a good high school play.

Okay, then Elias strummed something on his guitar and said he’s not Kevin Owens. Then Woods cut him off and the New Day made fun of him and called him “the greatest jackass in SmackDown live history.” Shane said to keep it clean.

Kofi said he doesn’t like KO because “the north remembers,” but he brought up how long it took him to get an opportunity. Then Kofi said that Shane isn’t giving other people opportunities and then his mic got cut off.

Suddenly, Shane McMahon concluded the first-ever SmackDown Town Hall very abruptly.

Cesaro got another live mic and he said as a Wild Card he’s here to challenge Aleister Black to “pick…a fight… with me.” Why do they have to say it like that? It’s not cool. It really isn’t. Anyway, Shane granted that match.

Then Kevin Owens snuck in and hit Shane with a KO Stunner before running back through the crowd.

Aleister Black vs Cesaro

This Extreme Rules rematch started with some stiff uppercuts from Cesaro that were returned by a knee from Black. Then he did his taunting flip sit-down deal and they went to commercial break.

They continued fighting and Black eventually landed a couple heavy kicks that brought Cesaro down followed by a Black Mass for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Dolph Ziggler told Shane McMahon that someone needs to teach Kevin Owens a lesson. He wants a match with KO and Shane said he’s already long gone. Ziggler said he’ll call him and make their match the main event of the entire show.

Charlotte Flair vs Liv Morgan

Flair shoved Liv down immediately. Then Morgan dodged Clair by doing a Matrix back bend and then Morgan had a fury of forearms and a rana. Then Flair hit a back elbow that took Liv down and she used the ropes to stretch her.

Morgan came back with a step-up kick to the head and a stomp to the back of the neck for a two count. Then Morgan went for another rana and Flair caught her for a powerbomb and then she locked on the Figure 8 for the submission victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Morgan wasn’t happy and then she grabbed Corey’s headset before saying “Charlotte was right and when I come back I’m gonna be real.”

Ember Moon & Bayley vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Bayley was Moon’s mystery partner who started off the match on top before tagging in Ember who hit an Eclipse on Rose as Bayley hit a Bayley To Bayley.

Then Moon got the pin. It was seriously over that fast.

Winners: Bayley & Ember Moon

Kayla Braxton asked Bayley who her next challenger will be at Summerslam. Bayley said she wants to face someone who will elevate the women’s division. She took some time to consider who she wants to face before turning to Ember Moon.

Then Braxton asked her “what do you say?” Ember said “hell yeah!” So that’s a match apparently. Todd Phillips made a point to say it’s NOT official yet.

The New Day Segment

Your boys the New Day came out covered in gold. Kofi mentioned how they aren’t having technical difficulties anymore. Then they put over all being champions.

Big E asked people to stop licking ice cream and putting it back in the store freezer. Then he said they accept a rematch for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

Daniel Bryan came out with Rowan and then they both just left after looking very angry. Suddenly, Bryan came back and it looked like Bryan was crying. He couldn’t talk and then he just waved them off and left again only to come right back again.

Bryan just dropped the mic and walked off once again. Samoa Joe came out next. He wanted a shot at Kofi’s title tonight. Then Elias walked out next and he told Samoa Joe that it didn’t work at at Extreme Rules. So he’s going to take that title off Kofi. Randy Orton came out next.

Elias suggested a six-man tag instead so The New Day had a “championship huddle” and accepted. Orton said, “six man? Naw, I’m good,” and he left. Kofi said The Viper’s gone limp. So that changed his mind.

The New Day vs Randy Orton, Elias, & Samoa Joe

The New Day tagged in and out to keep the pressure on Samoa Joe until he got out of Big E’s clutches and he tagged Elias who was then spanked by Big E before a tackle. Woods got tagged in and they hit a double team move

Orton hit Woods from behind while the referee wasn’t looking. So Elias hammered away at Xavier. The referee tried to calm Elias down, but the mauling continued before he tossed Woods out of the ring.

Woods kept taking abuse throughout the entire commercial break. Then Elias went for a superplex, but Xavier blocked it and pushed him down to hit a missile dropkick from across the ring before tagging Kofi in.

Orton took the tag for the heels and Kofi rallied on him for a two count. Then Big E and Joe ended up in the ring when Joe took E out with a clothesline. Woods put Joe over the top rope and hit a dive on him before being taken back out and then Joe hit a Coquina Clutch.

Kofi hit a Trouble In Paradise on Elias and then Orton hit an RKO to pin the WWE Champion.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Elias, & Randy Orton

Carmella was looking for R-Truth backstage and she found him in a washing machine. He was stuck and then she had to help him out. Then Mella suggested that Truth go to Comic Con. He said don’t call me con because he did his time.

The IIconics vs The Kabuki Warriors

Asuka and Kairi Sane didn’t even get a television entrance.

Peyton slapped Kairi and then Sane took Royce down while Asuka took a tag. They used some tandem offense for a two count early on.

Then Royce nailed a kick and tagged Kay who rolled Asuka up for a two count. Then Asuka kicked Billie’s head off and she rolled out of the ring a decapitated mess.

Billie went to get back in the ring, but then Peyton Royce pulled her back outside and they missed the referee’s 10 count. The Kabuki Warriors won, but the IIconics were still the champs.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

After the match was over the IIconics took a beatdown which included Royce taking an InSane Elbow.

Apollo Crews vs Andrade

Andrade caught Apollo before the bell and started hammering away on him.

Crews was just getting back up as the bell sounded and then Andrade jumped on him again not giving him a chance to defend himself. Andrade nailed a double knees and then suddenly, Apollo scored a sneaky roll-up pin for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

They have eight minutes for this match. So let’s see if they do more than a KO Stunner this time around.

Owens went for the KO Stunner right away, but Ziggler got out of the ring. Then Owens dove on him. He threw Dolph in and did a top rope senton, but Ziggler got his knees up.

Ziggler hit a Fame-Asser for a two count and then he nailed a standing elbow drop and latched on a crossface submission hold. Ziggler raked at Owens’ eyes and hit a neckbreaker before applying a headlock.

They got up and Ziggler moved allowing KO to splashing nothing but the turnbuckle and then Dolph nailed a DDT for a two count.

Dolph went for a splash of his own and hit nothing but turnbuckle. So KO hit a Superkick and a senton for a two count.

Suddenly, Shane McMahon came out while leading all of the heels to circle the ring. Ziggler hit a Zig Zag while Owens was distracted and got a two count.

Dolph sent Owens into the ring post and yelled “Do something, Kevin!” so Kevin slapped him. Dolph pounded away at Owens in the corner with some fists and then he tossed his shoulder into the ring post again.

Owens ducked a Superkick and hit a KO Stunner, but Shane pulled Owens out of the ring on the pin. Kevin hit a Stunner on Shane and then he ran off as all the heels chased him. So the match was put in limbo and the bell didn’t ring even though Owens ran out of the arena followed by all of the heels.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Shane about being Stunned twice by Owens. Shane said that Owens is going to pay and he’s going to pay bad. Then he walked off.

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