WWE has certain words that they don’t use on television. It turns out that they might be taking one off the list because they said “hospital” last night a few times instead of the old standard of saying “medical facility.”

It seems like WWE might be really making an effort to change some things up. This could be largely due to Paul Heyman’s new role on the show.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio why Vince McMahon banned the word “hospital” in the first place during his programming. Obviously, the reasoning is very “Vince McMahon.”

“The reason they don’t say hospital is it’s just Vince. It’s just Vince, that’s your answer, okay? Then he would go, ‘Well, the reason we say medical facility is because if we say hospital people would be calling up all the hospitals to find information on these guys.'”


It makes no sense that fans calling hospitals to check on the status of Roman Reigns after a kayfabe attack backstage would cause Vince McMahon to make this decision. Meltzer called it “one of those bullsh*t things” and we agree. It’s pretty dumb.

Thankfully, WWE seems to have lifted this ban as WWE was able to drop the word “hospital” a couple of times on commentary last night during Raw. Welcome to the Paul Heyman Era.

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