WWE Superstars are in the spotlight so they are natural targets of negative attention. NXT Superstars are not immune either and that includes The Original Bro himself.

Matt Riddle has haters just like anyone else. However, he had an interesting message for anyone who is currently smack talking him online.

“You guys are straight hot garbage.”

After he delivered this line, Riddle let out a laugh that sounded very maniacal. If he ever needs to play a heel that laughs about his evil deeds, Riddle can always think about how his haters are “hot garbage” and throw in that laugh.


Matt Riddle has a long road ahead of him in WWE. He will undoubtedly be a big star eventually if he continues on the right path. At this point, the only person who could possibly hold Matt Riddle back is himself and he doesn’t seem likely to stop any time soon. So his haters can probably keep doing their thing because it’s not going to change what Riddle’s doing.

Felix Upton

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