Corey Graves often receives mixed reviews for his work as a commentator on Monday Night RAW, but for the most part, fans would tend to agree that he’s probably one of the best men for the job.

Alas, everyone has slip-ups now and again, which is exactly what many people thought Corey had last night after he swore during the show. However, because it wasn’t censored out, and WWE probably could’ve done so if they wanted to given the time delay between live action and the broadcast, there is a theory that WWE are okay with this happening.

With Paul Heyman now being one of the leading men in charge, the general thought process is that he would’ve been the one to give Graves the green light to swear like that.

If it’s going to be a rare thing that they utilise from time to time now, then Graves is certainly doing a good job of making fans believe that it was a legitimate mistake.


Obviously Graves is inferring that he could be fined for swearing on live television, although it seems unlikely that this would actually be carried out.

Monday Night RAW certainly felt different last night, and at this stage, ‘different’ is all that you can really ask for.

The influence of Paul Heyman may have had something to do with that, and while there are still a few mistakes to speak of here and there, the general tone of the show seems to be improving gradually.

Harry Kettle

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