Plans For Eric Bischoff’s On-Screen Role On WWE SmackDown Live

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Eric Bischoff will now be leading SmackDown Live into a new era as they jump over to Fox in October. This is a smart move by WWE, especially considering all of the business and industry knowledge he has.

When it comes to Bischoff appearing on camera, the jury is still out. After all, the report just broke today that Easy E will be taking over as Executive Director of SmackDown Live.

However, PW Insider reports that while there is no word on if Bischoff will be seen on camera, it might be unavoidable.

There is no word yet whether Bischoff will appear on camera, but given how good of a performer he is, one would think it’s just a matter of time.

WWE needs to have Eric Bischoff appear for a couple of reasons. Not only does his entrance music totally hold up, but he is also a great talker. If you add in the fact that WWE needs to start appealing to the smarter fan base then you could have a recipe that might just see Eric Bischoff show up before we know it.

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