Fox Reportedly Wants Jerry Lawler On WWE Television

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WWE has a big television deal coming up with Fox in October. That deal will be worth just over $1 billion for the next five years. Therefore, if the network wants something then WWE might need to give it to them.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is still under WWE contract, but he’s not being used at all. Jim Ross made a little remark about calling The King when his WWE deal is up so AEW might be a landing pad for Lawler eventually, but in the meantime, Fox apparently wants to use him.

Wrestle Votes reports that Fox has “floated the idea to WWE” that they might like to see Jerry Lawler in a “main part” of their upcoming WWE studio show on FS1 which will debut in October. This could make a lot of fans very happy and the banter between Renee Young and King could be pretty great.

FOX has floated the idea to WWE about having Jerry “The King” Lawler as a main part of their WWE studio show that will begin once SmackDown moves over in October. The feeling is that Lawler’s image & voice is a familiar one, thus something Fox Sports is looking for.

WWE will be getting a lot more exposure for their product with the Fox move. If they utilize their position correctly it could be a very good thing for them. Therefore, putting someone synonymous with one of the biggest booms in pro wrestling history on an in-studio talk show discussing the current product could be a great recipe for success.

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